Slim Guard Reviews (Slim Sciences) – Is it Worth Buying?

We have tested Slim Sciences’ Slim Guard: its effect, Ingredients, Price, Customer Reviews and experiences, Side Effects, and where to Buy. Here’s everything you need to know.

Slim Guard is available for purchase in the following countries: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland and more..

What is Slim Guard?

Slim Guard is a new advanced weight loss formula manufactured by Slim Sciences and two ladies named Olivia Parkins and Jaime Chudleigh.

It is a safe and effective solution for quick weight loss. If you have struggled with excess weight for a long time and have been unable to find a permanent solution, then Slim Guard is the supplement that might be a game-changer in your life.

It does not matter what your age, gender, body type, or shape is because this supplement is made to help a diverse category of people.

The supplement is a scientifically developed formula that targets the root cause of weight gain. It is like a detoxification process that helps remove unwanted and dangerous substances from the body.

While all this happens, you will not have to put a pause on your taste buds, as you will be able to eat whatever you want to and still be able to support your fat-detoxifying cells.

This supplement will improve your overall health, and you will feel stress-free, with increased energy levels, a healthy metabolism, and much more.

Unlike other medications, treatments, or heavy workouts, you need not spend your valuable energy, money, and time because Slim Guard costs nowhere near any of those.

How Does Slim Guard Work?

When it comes to weight gain, your lifestyle, behaviors, routine, and a lot of other stuff are the ones who are responsible for it.

The toxic environment, unhealthy eating habits, and daily chemical intake can heavily impact the functioning of the body. When a person resides in a developed country, there are fewer cells that can eliminate fat from the body.

This leads to unwanted weight gain. Now, even if you do workouts, exercises, diets, fasting, etc., nothing will work for you; this is because the cells that can flush out the fats are unable to do so with all the toxic chemicals and fillers present.

When these toxins accumulate, they cause inflammation in your body, and to stop this, the fat flushing out cells need to be revived and present.

Here is when Slim Guard comes to the rescue: it contains five potent ingredients that help remove those toxins and help the cells flush out the fat.

In this process, your gut health starts to be restored, your digestive system gets back on track, and your metabolic rate also increases.

Finally, your fat-detoxifying cells start to work regularly and effectively, and you will burn fat efficiently while also gaining increased energy levels.

Thus, Slim Guard targets weight gain from its root cause, which is the fat-burning mechanism and cell detoxification. In the end, all the bad from your body is flushed out, and the good ones are back to their work in full fledge.

Slim Guard Ingredients

The combination of five essential Slim Guard ingredients is carefully formulated to support healthy weight loss.

Sodium Chloride

It is nothing but salt. Sodium Chloride does not directly result in weight loss. Instead, it helps in balancing electrolytes in the body. When the electrolytes are balanced in your body, they support overall health and stimulate weight loss.

Sodium Chloride also maintains hydration and cellular function in your body. When you consume salt in moderation, it helps in preventing dehydration. It is also known to maintain a healthy metabolism. It enhances muscle function.

Potassium Citrate

It is an essential mineral that is a form of potassium. It plays a major role in supporting the metabolism and other bodily functions. Moderate potassium intake in your body can help support the functioning of muscles, regulate fluid balance, and maintain appropriate nerve signaling.

When you have a proper fluid balance in your body, it can stimulate weight loss. Potassium Citrate can support various functions of your body and support overall health.

Magnesium Malate

Magnesium is quite an important chemical element for the body. It is involved in more than 300 biochemical reactions in our body, some of which include energy, muscle function, and metabolism.

Magnesium malate is specifically used in this supplement because it combines magnesium with malic acid. This enhances utilization and absorption in your body.

A good amount of magnesium levels in the body can increase energy production, support relaxation, and maintain blood sugar levels, all of which can stimulate healthy weight loss.

Zinc Glycinate

It is one of the important minerals of your body that majorly supports the breakdown of protein, maintaining immunity, health, and DNA synthesis.

Zinc Glycinate is a highly bioavailable form of zinc, making it easy for the body to absorb and utilize. The body maintains appropriate hormone levels, insulin sensitivity, and thyroid function when zinc is present in adequate amounts.

This encourages metabolism and weight management. Zinc can also help in controlling your appetite.

Calcium Citrate

Calcium is the number one mineral that supports bone health and is also involved in weight management. Calcium citrate is an easily absorbable form of calcium that helps break down fat cells and regulate fat metabolism.

The appropriate presence of calcium in the body can help in regulating your appetite. It can potentially contribute to improving body composition and weight loss effects.

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  • It is gluten-free and non-GMO.
  • It is a simple yet effective formula.
  • It is made from five potent nutrients.
  • It is a scientifically developed formula.
  • Its ingredients have passed third-party quality checks.
  • It is beneficial for the overall improvement of bodily functions.


  • It can be purchased only on its official website, not on any other websites or in offline stores.

Recommended Dosage

One jar of Slim Guard consists of 4.23 Oz of powder. You must add one scoop of the supplement to your preferred beverage and drink it. No daily dosage amount is mentioned, but you can take Slim Guard whenever you want.

Also, it is advised that you consult with your physician before taking this supplement if you are undergoing any treatments or medication.

Any Side Effects?

The Slim Guard is made of natural nutrients that the body can easily absorb and use. All the ingredients have undergone thorough quality and potency checks.

Many customers around the world have already used the supplement, and they have experienced only benefits; no side effects have been reported.

You should consider doing a small test for yourself by trying the supplement in a smaller amount for the first time.

Pricing and Value

The original cost of one jar of the Slim Guard was $159, but with the ongoing discount, you are given the following reduced rates

  • One jar of the Slim Guard costs $59 plus the shipping fee.
  • Three jars of the Slim Guard cost $39 each, plus the shipping fee.
  • Six jars of the Slim Guard cost $29 each, plus free shipping and a bonus.

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With the six-bottle bundle, you also get a free bottle of the best-selling detox formula, Moringa Detox, made from Moringa oleifera.

A lot of research has concluded that this deep-found ingredient from the remote continents helps in the digestive detox that keeps you fresher than ever.

It also supports cholesterol, blood sugar levels, stress, brain fog, and other related issues. When this formula is combined with Slim Guard, your body will experience a thorough detox inside and out.


When you purchase any jar of Slim Guard, you also get a 180-day money-back guarantee, with which you can get a 100% refund for the amount you have paid for the Slim Guard jar.

So you can try the supplement for 180 days and see if it gives you the changes and benefits in your health. If it doesn’t, then you can simply call or email the company, and you will be refunded 100% of your money.

You just have to send back the remaining jars even if they are empty, and you will be eligible for a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.


If you purchase a one—or three-bottle bundle, you will have to pay a small shipping fee. However, with the six-bottle bundle, there are no shipping charges. The estimated delivery time is 3-5 business days.

Slim Guard Customer Reviews

With an impressive 4.6-star rating from 6,648 Slim Guard reviews, it’s evident that this isn’t just another weight loss supplement; it’s a life-changer for many.

The supplement is a tried-and-tested formula. Many customers have also tried this detox formula and have gained nothing but results. The supplement has transformed the lives of many people who have been struggling with overweight for years.

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In Conclusion

According to Slim Guard reviews, it is an excellent weight loss formula that targets the root cause of the problem. This helps treat the weight issue from its root, giving you a permanent solution.

The formula is made up of five powerful nutrients that help remove the toxins and enhance the fat-detoxifying cells.

Well-known manufacturers formulate the supplement, and the two ladies behind the formula are the recoverers. It is an impactful formula that is based on scientific research.

Due to an ongoing discount offer, the supplement is available at less than half the original price. This makes it available for every individual who wishes to have the body of their dreams.

An amazing detox formula bottle is given as a bonus with the six-bottle bundle, which helps with the body’s overall detoxification. It is a one-of-a-kind formula. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many bottles of the Slim Guard should one purchase?

Purchasing at least 3 to 6 bottles of the Slim Guard supplement is recommended. This is because people have reported that the more they take the supplement, the more regular detoxification happens to their fat cells. Another reason for buying bottles in bulk is that the supplement is in high demand, which can cause it to go out of stock very soon, and you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to have the body of your dreams.

Is the Slim Guard supplement safe?

The Slim Guard supplement is made with only five potent nutrients that are safe and healthy for your body. It is also tested through third-party testing. Many Customers have tried Slim Guard, and all have reported benefits. The supplement is safe and effective.

Can anyone take the Slim Guard supplement?

Both males and females can take the supplement. Even if you are of any age, body composition, or shape, the supplement is still effective for you. If you want to melt that belly fat and flush out the stubborn fat from your body, Slim Guard is the right choice.

How is the bonus Moringa Detox useful?

You can lose 3 lbs on your first day when Moringa Detox is combined with Slim Guard! This bonus supplement is made with one of the most potent detoxifying components, which will boost your detox process.