This past weekend The Wandering hosted its sixth gathering – an intimate ode to self love. Opening our table to twelve, speckled with new friends and a magical sea of returning faces, every detail, from our truffle making workshop to our seasonally abundant menu, was filled with the intention of celebrating and feeding both soul and body. Gathering on Valentine’s weekend, Atara and I hoped to recenter our focuses on ‘the self,’ providing our community the opportunity to not only leave with a new skill, the ability to whip up no-bake truffles- but a recipe so inherently indulgent and soul satisfying, that could simultaneously nourish. We hoped to provide the opportunity for relaxation, community, and camaraderie sans pretense, the opportunity to feast.

From our open faced bagel toasts, piled high with homemade mint pesto, hummus, ferments, and herbs, to my recent favorite, sweet potato breakfast boats with all of the fixings, the gathering centered around my Hazelnut Cacao Truffles. Two bites requiring only moments of prep-time for a dozen and a half perfect little balls of bliss, these truffles scream rich, chocolatey indulgence without any added gluten, refined sugar, or a big budget pinch. Utilizing bulk-accessible ingredients, like raw hazelnuts, cashews, coconut, hemp seeds, and naturally sweetening medjool dates, each ball is packed to the brim with plant based fiber, protein, and chocolate – nourishing without feeling even moderately righteous. Touted as a dessert, but truthfully, nutritive enough to sneak into your breakfast, snack time, or workout routines, yesterday I had six.

Oat Free Hazelnut Cacao Truffles [makes 18 truffles]

1 cup raw hazelnuts
1 cup raw cashews
¾ cup raw cacao powder
½ cup coconut flour
3 tablespoons raw hemp seeds
¾ cup filtered water
15 medjool dates, pitted
2 tablespoons cacao nibs

In a food processor fitted with an S-blade, whiz hazelnuts, cashews, cacao powder, coconut, and hemp until they’re a flour-like consistency. Add filtered water and dates, then continue blending until ingredients form a dough. Pulse in cacao nibs, until just incorporated, then remove dough from food processor.

Divide dough into 18 even pieces, then using your hands, roll each piece into a ball. (Optional: roll into each ball into a favorite topping like cacao powder, chia seeds, hemp seeds, or matcha). Refrigerate in airtight tupperware for up to one week, or in freezer for up to one month.

Nutritional Information [per truffle]
170 Calories, 8.5g Fat, 22g Carbohydrates, 14g Sugar, 4g Fiber, 4g Protein