Nerve Control 911 Reviews (Updated 2024) Ingredients & Cons

Nerve Control 911 by PhytAge Labs is a dietary supplement designed to eliminate nerve pain and provide full nerve support in your toes, hands, feet, and fingers.

Nerve Control 911 is available for purchase in the following countries: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland and more..

What is Nerve Control 911?

Nerve Control 911 is an effective dietary supplement that helps maintain the health of the nervous system. It is manufactured by the reputable PhytAge Laboratories. Nerve Health 911 is a helpful supplement that supports your nerve health.

The ingredients that help in the working of the supplement are purely natural and some botanical extracts. The overall health of your central nervous system can improve with the help of Nerve Control 911.

The ingredients are sourced ethically and carefully, keeping in mind the necessary guidelines. They are then tested thoroughly in reputable labs for purity, potency, and quality checks.

If you suffer from nervous system issues, this supplement is the one you should opt for. You need not worry about any adverse effects, as the supplement’s ingredients are natural and safe.

A good number of people have tried the Nerve Control 911 supplement, and each one has experienced improved nerve health. No side effects were reported.

Nerve Control 911 is far better than expensive treatments and medications, which can be hefty on your pockets and less effective.

This supplement offers better results at an affordable price, and if you have any doubts, you can always rely on the money-back guarantee.

How Does Nerve Control 911 Work?

The Nerve Control 911 supplement helps target the underlying cause of nerve pain and inflammatory poisoning brought on by the body’s natural production of enzymes.

This provides a lesser-known solution to the widespread problem of nerve pain. These enzymes are dormant until they are triggered by routine stressors, at which point they start “pain pathways” that cause nerve cells to be destroyed, resulting in excruciating nerve pain.

When these enzymes are released into the body, they become a toxic force that can have long-term effects on health.

The only solution to all these issues is using powerful nutrients that have been hand-picked for their capacity to fight this inflammatory poisoning, and Nerve Control 911 is one such supplement.

The ingredients in the supplement effectively help in fighting against those enzymes. The supplement gives people with nerve pain worldwide much-needed relief by counteracting the negative effects of these enzymes.

People are regaining their quality of life, ending the cycle of nerve poisoning and its crippling effects. People are finally finding the relief they have wanted for a long time, thanks to Nerve Control 911.

You can also gain ultimate relief with the supplement’s help, but what ingredients help provide this relief? This might be a question popping up in your head, and the answer to it is something you will read in the next few minutes.

Nerve Control 911 Ingredients

A potent combination of ingredients has been included in the supplement, which helps it work effectively. All the ingredients are carefully tested and only then included in the supplement, which leaves no doubt for you.

Every ingredient is powerful and effective with additional health benefits. The five-star ingredients of the Nerve Control 911 supplement and its potential benefits are as follows-

Passion Flower Herb Powder

Because of its relaxing qualities, passion flower is frequently used to ease anxiety and encourage relaxation. Its ingredients could influence neurotransmitters and relieve tension in the neurological system. Passionflower is useful for people with insomnia or restless sleep patterns because it is also used to promote sleep.

Marshmallow Root Powder

Marshmallow root contains a lot of mucilage; it soothes irritated areas, including nerves. Also, because of its anti-inflammatory qualities, it may help reduce the pain brought on by inflammation of the nerves. Although marshmallow root is frequently used to promote digestive health, its calming qualities may also indirectly positively impact nerve health.

Corydalis Lutea

Alkaloids such as DHCB, which are recognized for their analgesic properties, are found in Corydalis Lutea and may help lessen pain caused by nerves. It has long been used to ease tense muscles, which releases pressure on nearby nerves. For people who are experiencing pain related to their nerves, Corydalis Lutea may provide an all-natural means of pain alleviation.

Prickly Pear

Antioxidants included in prickly pears protect nerve cells from oxidative stress and promote general nerve health. Because of its capacity to control blood sugar, it can guard against the nerve damage that elevated glucose levels can cause. The anti-inflammatory qualities of prickly pears may also reduce nerve pain and inflammation.

California Poppy Seed

The alkaloids found in California poppy seeds have a slight sedative effect and encourage serenity and relaxation. They have historically been used to reduce pain, including discomfort caused by nerves. California poppy seed is prized for its relaxing qualities, which makes it helpful for people who are tense or restless.

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  • It contains natural and pure ingredients.
  • It is made in the USA.
  • It has easy-to-swallow dietary capsules.
  • It is an affordable supplement.
  • A reputable lab has done its manufacturing.


  • It is available for purchase only on its official website and not in stores or other platforms.

Recommended dosage

One bottle of the Nerve Control 911 supplement contains 60 dietary capsules. You should regularly take 2 capsules with a glass of water. If you keep the capsule intake consistent, you will surely experience positive benefits soon.

Also, exceeding the recommended dosage for medical purposes is not recommended. If you are undergoing any treatment or taking any medications, it would be better to consult your physician about the Nerve Control 911 supplement.

Any Side Effects?

The ingredients of the supplement are natural, safe, and effective. They have been researched and tested. Every batch of the supplement is formulated with proper guidance following the required protocols.

So, there is no chance of any side effects from the Nerve Control 911 supplement. People worldwide have tried and benefitted from the supplement, but neither have reported any adverse effects.

You can choose the supplement even after healing from your nervous system issues, as the supplement contains potent ingredients that benefit the overall health of your body. If you are still skeptical, you can choose to rely on the company’s guarantee.


  • One bottle of the Nerve Control 911 supplement costs $69.95
  • Two bottles of the Nerve Control 911 supplement cost $59.95 each.
  • Four bottles of the Nerve Control 911 supplement cost $49.95 each.


A 90-day money-back guarantee assists every purchase of Nerve Control 911 supplement. You are given 90 days to try the supplement and notice the changes in your health.

If you feel that the supplement is notwithstanding its claims and you no longer want to continue taking it, you can simply email or contact the customer service team and ask for a complete refund. You either gain all the benefits or get 100% of your money back; there is no in-between.

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People from around the globe have tried Nerve Control 911 and experienced all its positive benefits; some even shared it with the company. Caroline Petersen from Portland felt that this supplement was a game changer when she lost all hope of healing the nerve discomfort. Nerve Control 911 helped her overcome those issues, and she felt better than ever.

Another user, Amy Collins from Tacoma, used to experience severe pain in her legs and lower back, and nothing worked for her; it was only until she tried Nerve Control 911 for four months that all her pain vanished.

Landon Clark from Cedar Rapids used to experience extreme pain in many parts of his body. He had quite weak physical health, and after using Nerve Contol 911, he saw a different boost in the level of his energy and overall body health. There are many more such reviews from different consumers.

Shipping Details

You are given free shipping on all orders of the Nerve Control 911. The shipping time of the orders can be anywhere near 7 business days. The delivery time can vary according to different locations and certain unavoidable circumstances.


Nerve Control 911 is a one-of-a-kind supplement that helps maintain your nerve health using a natural and effective combination of ingredients. You can easily swallow the dietary capsule, which will start showing its effects on your nerve health soon.

Nerve Control 911 has already gained thousands of consumers in various parts of the world. The supplement is affordable for everyone and is better than expensive medications and treatments.

The offers on bulk orders can help to save thousands of dollars. You can also keep the money-back guarantee as your plan B if the supplement does not work for you.




Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take the Nerve Control 911 with the neuropathy medications?

The Nerve Contol 911 supplement is made with natural ingredients, and you need not worry about it interfering with any of your medications. If you wish to be sure of what you are taking, it would be better to consult with your doctor regarding this supplement and show him a bottle of it so that he can assure you and approve it.

Do you have to pay anything else for the Nerve Control 911 in the future?

The amount you see while checking out with your purchase on the checkout page is the only amount you will have to pay for your order. There are no hidden, subscription, or recurring charges that you will be asked to pay in the future. It is a one-time payment deal. If and when you are out of the supplies, you can make another purchase from the official website.

Is the Nerve Control 911 only for nerve health?

The supplement has such potent ingredients that it benefits your overall body and nerve health. You will experience improved focus and concentration in your daily activities. You will also be able to vanish from the anxiety and stress that usually assist any chronic pain. Even after you have improved your nervous system health, you can continue taking the supplement for additional benefits.

How many bottles of the Nerve Control 911 should you order?

It is recommended that the maximum number of bottles available in stock be purchased. This is because the benefits of the supplement are gained only when you regularly take the supplement for a longer period. The shelf life of this supplement is 2 years, so you need not worry about its expiration date. Another reason for bulk purchases is that the supplement may get out of stock soon.