MenoRescue Reviews | Does It Work? Ingredients & Pros

We have tested MenoRescue: Effect, Ingredients, Price, Customer Reviews & Experiences, Side Effects, and Where to Buy. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is MenoRescue?

Well Me manufactures the MenoRescue supplement, which helps women’s hormone levels throughout menopause.

It was created using state-of-the-art research to ease the fluctuating symptoms that come during that period. It was created by health specialist Andrea Taylor using a combination of potent ingredients. For women experiencing menopause, the WellMe MenoRescue supplement has several advantages.

This supplement has already provided relief to thousands of ladies. Menopause symptoms include more than simply decreasing estrogen and progesterone levels; they also include lethargy, hot flashes, and mental fog.

MenoRescue helps balance hormone levels from perimenopause to postmenopause by addressing these problems.

With MenoRescue, you can get rid of unexpected hot flashes, feel more focused, and perhaps experience certain benefits that will shrink your tummy. For menopausal women looking for relief from various discomforts, it’s a one-stop shop.

How Does MenoRescue Work?

A large body of studies has demonstrated that unbalanced cortisol levels are a major cause of difficulties for menopausal women.

Elevated cortisol levels worsen the difficulties already associated with menopause. So, to get through menopause more easily, keeping your cortisol levels in check is imperative.

A precisely calibrated combination of MenoRescue ingredients helps maintain cortisol levels. It also aids in the regulation of progesterone and estrogen, two vital hormones throughout menopause, by supporting normal cortisol levels.

In addition to easing menopausal symptoms, this improves general well-being. It promotes healthy cortisol levels to lower stress and helps balance hormone levels, hence reducing symptoms like mood swings and hot flashes.

It increases energy and strengthens and prolongs muscle tone by clearing mental clutter and sharpening attention. Its ability to increase metabolism aids in the reduction of abdominal fat and controls body temperature.

In addition, MenoRescue improves energy and libido, lessens breast soreness, and strengthens cognitive function.

It enhances muscle function and digestive health by decreasing fat storage and encouraging appropriate progesterone levels.

Surprisingly, it also helps lower stress and regulate mood, increasing overall efficacy through improved absorption.

MenoRescue Ingredients

MenoRescue ingredients are a blend of nine all-natural components. Each one has its unique benefit for which it has been added to the supplement; here is the list of those ingredients:

MenoRescue Ingredients

Green Tea Phytosome

This unique blend of green tea extract is caffeine-free and has been shown in studies to balance cortisol levels, improving general well-being. Green tea is well known for helping people lose weight by increasing metabolism, lowering appetite, and storing less fat. It especially targets belly fat in menopausal women.

Sage Powder

Sage powder is a member of the mint family. It balances estrogen and progesterone levels to relieve menopausal symptoms and help maintain a comfortable body temperature.

Ashwagandha Extract

This supplement is made with an improved version of the age-old herb Sensoril, which promotes healthy cortisol levels. It improves focus, energy, mood control, and muscle strength while also improving cardiovascular and joint health, which is particularly important for women going through menopause.

Rhodiola Powder

Rhodiola powder, which is extracted from mountainous areas of Asia and Europe, has been shown to support general well-being by balancing cortisol levels during menopause and improving energy, joint health, cognitive function, and muscle performance.

Schisandra Powder

Made from a vine plant, Schisandra powder helps regulate cortisol levels, which is important for controlling menopausal symptoms. It also lessens hot flashes, supports restful sleep, and improves mood, energy, and cognitive performance.

Red-Clover Powder

Packed with isoflavones that resemble estrogen, red clover powder helps to manage menopause symptoms and facilitates a more seamless transition during this chapter of life.

Black Cohosh Powder

A member of the buttercup family, black cohosh powder functions as an estrogen substitute, giving menopausal women vital benefits such as increased energy, libido, temperature regulation, and improved mood.

Chastetree Powder

With this calming powder, menopausal symptoms are lessened, healthy progesterone levels are supported, a positive outlook is encouraged, body temperature is regulated, joint health is improved, and breast tenderness and general pain are reduced.

Black Pepper Extract

Acting as an absorption enhancer, black pepper extract facilitates the supplement’s components’ efficient absorption, enhancing its ability to promote menopausal health.

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  • It is a vegan supplement.
  • It is a non-GMO supplement.
  • It is manufactured in the USA.
  • It is manufactured in a cGMP-certified facility.
  • It is free from gluten, soy, dairy, egg, nut, crustacean, and BPO.


  • It is available only on its official website and nowhere else.

Recommended Dosage

One bottle of the MenoRescuse supplement contains 60 easy-to-swallow capsules. The recommended dosage is two capsules daily.

You should take the capsules in the morning before your breakfast. However, if you are taking other medications or undergoing treatments, it is advised that you consult your physician for their opinion on the supplement.

Any Side Effects?

Unlike other supplements, the MenoRescue supplement does not provide temporary solutions. There are proven ingredients researched by experts and some ancient hidden facts based on which MenoRescue supplement is formulated.

Thousands of users have tried this supplement and gained positive results. To date, it has not been reported to have any side effects.

It is a supplement that does not contain harmful and allergic substances like eggs, nuts, crustaceans, etc., so there are no chances of side effects from MenoRescue.

MenoRescue Customer Reviews

Here are a few customer reviews of MenoRescue, based on the information gathered from various sources:

Michelle Fang was amazed to see her hot flashes vanish away.
Jules Shim started experiencing regular periods and better sleep.
Julie Moksal could go through her day without any hot flashes, keeping her mood happy and focused.
Dawn Beaty was able to eliminate night sweats.

Jessica Bruton overcame her depression caused by menopause.
Lisa Voigt experienced decreased facial hair, which was quite embarrassing for her.
Marie Augustine was able to have increased energy levels and improved mood.

These were some of the reviews of the MenoRescue supplement, which show how effective and successful it is.

Pricing and Value

  • One bottle of MenoRescue supplement costs $59 with additional shipping charges.
  • Three bottles of MenoRescue supplement costs $49 each + additional shipping charges + free bonuses.
  • Six bottles of MenoRescue supplement costs $39 each + free shipping + free bonuses.

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  • Bonus 1- 17 Smoothies for Hormonal Harmony: You will get a free digital copy of the book, which costs $29.95. This is their newest eBook, which includes 17 delectable smoothie recipes. The goal of these smoothies is to support hormonal balance so that you can see effects more quickly. They are delicious and easy to put together, making them ideal for a quick midday snack or breakfast. Although consuming these smoothies is not required, they can expedite your transformation, particularly when combined with MenoRescue. These smoothies are a great way to start the day when combined with your MenoRescue capsule!
  • Bonus 2- The Menopause Mindset: You receive this e-book for free, even if it costs $29.95. This is a worthwhile read that will keep you informed while you go through menopause. From the comforts of your home, this useful book offers easy-to-implement behaviors that will help you navigate menopause with increased ease and satisfaction. You’ll have all you need to accept a more comfortable menopause and maintain those positive changes throughout your trip if you combine MenoRescue with The Menopause Mindset.

You get an empty bottle money-back guarantee for 180 days.

This means that you can try the MenoRescue supplement risk-free for 180 days. If you do not experience changes in your symptoms or do not see the promised results, you can simply contact the customer care team and ask for a 100% money-back guarantee.

Even if you have emptied all the MenoRescue bottles, you can still ask for a refund.

Shipping Location with Pricing

Shipping is free if you order in bulk; otherwise, you will need to pay a small shipping fee. The shipping cost for India is $19.95, and it can take up to two weeks to deliver. For any orders based in the US locations, the delivery time is 5-7 business days.


Overall, most of the MenoRescue customer reviews are positive and support the credibility of this effective menopause supplement.

MenoRescue supplement by Well Me is designed to help with hot flashes, exhaustion, and mental fog, among other menopausal symptoms, by balancing hormone levels.

It was created by health expert Andrea Taylor and is supported by extensive research. It has a combination of strong ingredients.

Reviews from ladies worldwide show how well it enhances mood, energy, sleep, and other aspects of life. The supplement is made in a certified facility, non-GMO, and vegan.

It is only available on the official website and includes two free bonuses which help to enhance the overall experience of menopause.

A money-back guarantee backing it up provides ladies looking for menopausal symptom relief with a secure and reliable option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many bottles of the MenoRescue should you order?

The supplement is running high in demand, and if you wish to stock up on your menopause essentials, then it is recommended that you purchase the maximum number of bottles, which is six. This will help you in gaining a permanent solution for your menopause. Also, it is recommended that the MenoResucue supplement be taken for at least three to six months for best results. The shelf life of the supplement is two years, so you need not worry about its expiry.

Is the MenoRescue safe?

The manufacturer and the formulator of this supplement wanted more and more women to benefit from it; hence, keeping in mind the diverse categories of women, the supplement was made free from any type of stimulants and chemicals. It is a vegetarian supplement with no eggs, dairy, soy, nuts, sugar, gluten, or crustaceans. It is a vegan-friendly supplement that is guaranteed for its purity. Also, the cGMP certification determines that the supplement is pure and free from any potential contaminants. So, the supplement is safe and risk-free to take.

Is the MenoRescue available anywhere else?

Since the product is in the news and in high demand, some competitors must have tried to copy MenoRescue. However, you should be aware that the original MenoRescue supplement is available only on its official website. You will not find it in any offline stores, nor will you see it on any other online portals. If you do see it, beware of the fake ones.

Does it work in your perimenopausal or postmenopausal period?

Unlike other supplements, the MenoRescue supplement does not give temporary relief and short-term support. It supports you from your perimenopausal to your postmenopausal period. You can rest assured that in any stage of your menopause, this supplement will be there to support, alleviate, and heal your symptoms.