Medicinal Garden Kit Reviews – Is it Worth Buying?

Medicinal Garden Kit by Dr. Nicole Apelian is a perfect seed pack for people who want to be more self-reliant and for those who are preparing for the worst of times.

What is The Medicinal Garden Kit?

The Medicinal Garden Kit is a complete kit that includes detailed information on plants and medicinal herbs that can be grown in one’s backyard.

The Medicinal Garden Kit is a guide created by Dr. Nicole Apelian, an herbalist, survival skills instructor, and biologist. She developed her knowledge of herbal medicines in the wild regions of Kalahari, where the old cultures of the San Bushmen live.

These individuals live on food and medicine that the land provides them with and have been known for living long and healthy lives.

The author of this guide suffered from an autoimmune disease called Multiple Sclerosis. The treatment prescribed by her doctors never worked that well, which is why she developed an interest in the field of herbal and traditional medicine.

She began her journey and recovered fully from the effects of this autoimmune disease with the help of natural medications. Thus, she shares her knowledge of medicinal herbs and their uses to help you have access to your very own backyard pharmacy.

The Medicinal Garden Kit is a comprehensive guide that consists of methods for creating your natural pharmacy in your backyard.

It consists of all the information, including where to get the seeds for growing the herbs, methods of growing the herbs, the light conditions in which they grow better, and much more.

How Does The Medicinal Garden Kit Work?

Traditional herbs and ingredients have become more popular these days. The Medicinal Garden Kit is one such program that consists of a collection of 10 different herbs and medicinal plants that have been used for thousands of years for their medicinal uses.

One of the seeds that you get is called Chicory. This plant is considered to be the number one pain killer available naturally.

This means that individuals suffering from joint pain, body aches, discomforts, and inflammation can use this plant to eliminate this pain effectively.

Next, yarrow is one of the seeds added to the list; it is used for wound healing and has several other benefits. California Poppy is the third plant you get and is used to improve sleep patterns and treat insomnia or age-related sleep issues in individuals.

Marshmallow is the next plant added to the list. It possesses antibacterial properties and contains mucilage, which provides a natural healing gel at home. Thus, marshmallow plants can be used both externally and internally.

Chamomile is the fifth plant added to the list, as it possesses several healing properties and medicinal uses. The next plant on the list is Evening Primrose, which is great for the joints, digestion, energy, and much more.

The seventh plant on the list is lavender, which is beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety. Echinacea, Calendula, and Feverfew are the remaining plants on the list.

The Medicinal Garden Kit also consists of methods for growing these seeds into plants that grow fully. You can also grow your pharmacy at home or in a small spot in your backyard.

The kit also comes with methods of using the herbs in food for healing purposes and for creating external ointments and similar healing products.

With access to all this amazing information, individuals can grow their pharmacy with healing nutrients for almost any of the common health issues.

These healing plants have been used for remedial purposes for several years and have shown to be beneficial in modern research as well. Thus, having access to these herbal plants always helps you stay fit and healthy physically and mentally.

Hence, The Medicinal Garden Kit consists of seeds of 10 different healing plants with methods that help you grow them, instructions to make use of them, and applications for different health issues.

The Medicinal Garden Kit works well and is easy to follow, even for individuals without gardening experience.

Components of The Medicinal Garden Kit

The Medicinal Garden Kit is a complete kit comprising everything from raw materials for growing herbs to methods of utilizing them for medicinal purposes.

The kit is great for beginners and others with little or no gardening experience. The program is great for individuals of all ages and comes with all the instructions that one needs to get started, harvest, and use the plants for treating various ailments.

medicinal garden kit

Here’s what you find in the The Medicinal Garden Kit:

  • Seeds Of Ten Medicinal Plants: In every Medicinal Garden Kit, you get a supply of ten different medicinal herbs that help you find all you need. Even though there are thousands of medicinal plants in the world, the program’s author suggests that these 10 herbs possess properties that most medicinal herbs can provide. These ten seeds include the seeds of plants like Chamomile, Calendula, Chicory, Marshmallow, California Poppy, Feverfew, Echinacea, Lavender, Yarrow, and Evening Primrose.
  • Medicinal Guide From Seeds to Remedies: This guide is also available with every order of The Medicinal Garden Kit. This guide provides you with all the information that you need. This brochure consists of the origins of the herb, its uses, and other important information that helps you get the best out of the plants and make good use of them. Additionally, it comes with instructions on growing the plants, harvesting them, and turning them into tinctures, ointments, salves, decoctions, infusions, essential oils, and much more.

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  • It consists of ten of the most amazing herbal plant seeds that can be grown in your backyard.
  • It provides instructions on growing and harvesting plants to ensure you get the best out of them.
  • It enables you to treat common health problems, such as aches and pains, inflammation, digestive problems, etc.
  • It provides recipes for creating herbal medicines, teas, oils, and much more.
  • It comes with a guide that consists of all the information and uses of the herbs that have been provided.


  • The Medicinal Garden Kit is the only program that provides 100% authentic seeds of some of the best medicinal herbs.
  • It doesn’t require individuals to have gardening experience to grow the medicinal herbs that have been added to the kit.
  • The Medicinal Garden Kit is the only program that provides a detailed, step-by-step procedure for growing plants, harvesting them, and utilizing them differently.
  • It is easy to use and can be used by individuals of all ages and genders.
  • The medicinal uses provided in the guide are proven scientifically.
  • It promotes overall health and well-being using natural herbs that you grow in your backyard. 


  • The Medicinal Garden Kit may not be suitable for individuals who do not have access to sunlight or open spaces for the plants to grow.
  • The remedies may not be effective if one doesn’t follow the instructions precisely.
  • It may take time for the plants to grow, and thus, medicines may be created using these plants.


The Medicinal Garden Kit consists of several components that may cost you a fortune if you try to purchase the seeds of the herbs alone.

However, when you purchase The Medicinal Garden Kit, you get the seeds and the right methods of cultivating and harvesting them and then turn them into medicines that heal and soothe you.

One might think the program is available at higher prices; however, as an introductory offer, you get access to the seeds and the guide for a fairly lower price.

Here’s how much The Medicinal Garden Kit costs:

  • The Medicinal Garden Kit is available for $59 + $4.99 shipping

Make sure to purchase the product while the discounts last, as the kit prices may increase anytime soon.

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Where to buy it?

The Medicinal Garden Kit is only available for purchase on its official website and for limited-time discounts on that website. To ensure you get access to the authentic product, get The Medicinal Garden Kit from its official website only.

Also, purchasing The Medicinal Garden Kit from its official website ensures that your order is backed by its 365-day money-back guarantee.

The Medicinal Garden Kit Customer Reviews

Overall, most of the Medicinal Garden Kit reviews are positive (Rating 4.8/5) and support the credibility of this collection of medicinal plants.

The Medicinal Garden Kit is extremely easy to use and has been tried and tested by several individuals. It is 100% authentic and consists of high-quality real seeds.

These have been added to the kit to help individuals heal any ailment at home using natural and side-effect-free herbs. Thus, The Medicinal Garden Kit has great reviews and has helped thousands of customers improve their lives.

medicinal garden kit reviews


The Medicinal Garden Kit is a unique program that enables individuals to test the power of traditional medicines and improve their overall health at home.

The plants have been used for several years in traditional medicine and have been known for their effects on various health conditions.

Thus, growing these amazing herbs at home and utilizing them to maintain your health and well-being makes the kit worthwhile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth buying?

The Medicinal Garden Kit includes ten herbal plants that can be used to build a mini pharmacy in our backyards. This package is ideal for people who do not want to spend money on Western treatments and prefer to become self-sufficient.

Many Medicinal Garden Kit reviews online state that these herbal plants are beneficial since they may cure weariness, boost immunity, improve sleep, and promote general well-being.

The backyard pharmacy can also come in handy during unusual times when obtaining medications from retailers becomes difficult.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

The creator believes in her Medicinal Garden Kit, which has a full 365-day money-back guarantee. She also claims that customers will save much money in the long run because they will never need to visit a pharmacy again.

Still, if consumers do not observe any effects from these ten high-quality herbal plants, they have 365 days to request a refund.

Where to buy a Medicinal Garden Kit?

The Medicinal Garden Kit includes all-natural and beneficial herbal plants. These medicinal plants treat a variety of ailments, are visually appealing, and make excellent partners for fruit trees and veggies. Medicinal garden kits are available online from various sellers, but getting them only from the official platform is always essential.

What makes a unique Medicinal Garden Kit?

The therapeutic plants included in The Therapeutic Garden Kit are its standout feature. This seed library’s careful selection contributes to a less daunting garden, requires less upkeep, and produces consistently.

The Medicinal Garden Kit provides convenience and cost savings in an attractive format that appeals to many buyers. Still, ultimately, the purchaser’s specific limits decide appropriateness on an individual level.

Will you buy this Medicinal Garden Kit?

Many Medicinal Garden Kit reviews online state that these herbal plants are beneficial since they may cure weariness, boost immunity, improve sleep, and promote general well-being.

The backyard pharmacy can also come in handy during unusual times when obtaining medications from retailers becomes difficult.

The inventor of the little backyard Medicinal Garden Kit dedicated a significant amount of time and resources to the extraction of each plant. As a result, it is fair to assume that all seeds are chosen from high-quality plants.