Kiala Nutrition Super Greens Review

Searching for an organic greens powder that not only tastes great but also helps improve your overall health? We’ve been trying Kiala Nutrition Super Greens, a watermelon slush-flavored powder packed with essential nutrients, fruits, vegetables, and antioxidants.

This greens blend is perfect for addressing common concerns like bloating, gut health, and immunity. One scoop per day is enough to aid digestion, promote gut health, and keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

Overview of Kiala Super Greens

We’ve recently tried Kiala Nutrition Super Greens, and we’re excited to share our experience with you. This organic greens powder aims to reduce bloat, support gut health, boost immunity, and promote healthy digestion in women. It features a delicious Watermelon Slush flavor and contains powerful antioxidants such as spirulina and chlorella.

Some of the benefits we noticed in our time using Kiala Super Greens include reduced bloating, improved digestion and gut health, strengthened immunity, increased energy, and radiant skin. The blend consists of organic ingredients, including fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals, fibers, and enzymes.

Kiala Super Greens is an all-in-one solution for those looking to improve their everyday diet. With its GMO-free, gluten-free, and vegan formula, it fits various dietary preferences. We found it easy to incorporate this powder into our routine, and it provided a tasty daily serving of greens without any hassle.

While we enjoyed the Watermelon Slush flavor and experienced the benefits mentioned, some users may find the texture a bit gritty, but this didn’t hinder our enjoyment. Overall, Kiala Super Greens is a great addition to a balanced diet, and we recommend giving it a try.

Taste Profile: Watermelon Slush Flavor

Diving into the Watermelon Slush flavor of Kiala Nutrition Super Greens, we found it to be a delightful and refreshing experience. The taste is reminiscent of a fruity watermelon slushy, making it enjoyable to consume even for those who typically shy away from green drinks. The natural, organic ingredients blend seamlessly, resulting in a smooth, palatable texture.

However, it’s essential to mention that some of our team members found the flavor to be a bit too sweet for their preference. It’s worth keeping this in mind if you’re sensitive to sweet tastes.

In summary, Kiala Nutrition’s Watermelon Slush flavored Super Greens provides a refreshing alternative to your standard green drink. Its taste and texture make it more enjoyable, and the organic ingredients enhance the overall product. While some may find it slightly too sweet, it remains an excellent option for those looking to add more vitamins and minerals to their daily diet.

Bloating Relief Benefits

We’ve experienced firsthand how Kiala Nutrition Super Greens can offer significant bloating relief. This organic powder has a unique blend of ingredients that target bloating and help reduce the discomfort caused by water retention and digestive issues. By promoting a healthy balance within our bodies, our daily bloating problems have decreased, leaving us feeling lighter and more comfortable.

In addition to bloating relief, the organic fibers and enzymes in this supergreens blend aid digestion and promote a healthy gut. This assists in breaking down and moving food through our system efficiently, reducing discomfort and ensuring optimal digestive system functionality. We also noticed improvements in our immune system and energy levels, thanks to vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants sourced from organic superfoods. However, be aware that some people may find the texture a bit gritty when mixed, but it doesn’t affect the overall effectiveness.

Overall, Kiala Nutrition Super Greens is an excellent solution for those seeking relief from bloating and looking to improve their overall wellness.

Digestive Health Support

After trying Kiala Nutrition Super Greens for a while, we must say that one of the key aspects of this product is the digestive health support it provides. The blend of organic ingredients specifically targets bloating caused by water retention and digestive issues, offering relief and making us feel lighter and more comfortable. We noticed an improvement in our digestion and gut health, thanks to the premium organic fibers and enzymes included in the formula.

The supergreens and antioxidants blend aids digestion by assisting in breaking down and moving food through our systems efficiently, reducing discomfort, and ensuring optimal function of our digestive tracts. As a result, we feel more energized and our immune systems seem stronger.

However, we noticed a bit of grittiness when drinking it, despite mixing it in different ways. That being said, Kiala Nutrition Super Greens is still an excellent addition to our daily routine for supporting digestive health and providing other benefits, such as increased energy and improved skin appearance.

Immune System Boosting Properties

Kiala Nutrition Super Greens is an impressive organic greens powder that has helped us strengthen our immune systems. One of the key ingredients in this blend is spirulina, which is known for its immune-boosting properties. It also includes chlorella, another powerful antioxidant that aids in detoxification and provides essential nutrients to support immunity.

We noticed an increase in our energy levels after incorporating this powder into our daily routine. It’s great for those looking to reduce bloat and support healthy digestion. Moreover, the watermelon slush flavor makes it enjoyable to consume, unlike some other greens powders we’ve tried.

It’s important to mention that this product is GMO-free, gluten-free, and vegan, making it suitable for various dietary needs. We found that consistency in using Kiala Nutrition Super Greens played a significant role in the overall improvement of our well-being. However, individual results may vary, so we recommend giving it a try and monitor how your body responds to the product.

Sustained Energy Without the Crash

We understand that it’s crucial to maintain energy levels throughout the day without experiencing the dreaded crash. Kiala Nutrition Super Greens powder does just that; users have reported sustained energy boosts allowing them to stay active and focused. Unlike caffeine or sugar-laden drinks, this organic greens blend offers a stable energy increase without the unpleasant lows that follow.

Moreover, healthy digestion is promoted through the blend of organic fibers and enzymes. This aid in breaking down food efficiently, which also helps in reducing bloating issues often associated with unreliable energy sources such as coffee and energy drinks. Regular consumption of this watermelon slush-flavored powder not only prevents crashes but also resets and regulates your sleep cycle, ensuring better-quality rest at night.

On top of the energy benefits, the immunity-boosting organic superfoods, vitamins, and minerals offer added value to this fantastic product. We were really pleased with the impact Kiala Nutrition Super Greens had on our energy levels, and we’re confident you’ll appreciate it as well.

Promotion of Radiant Skin

One key perk we found when using the Kiala Nutrition Super Greens powder is its ability to promote radiant skin. The delightful Watermelon Slush flavor is packed with skin-loving nutrients like vitamins A, C, and E, along with a host of antioxidants. These ingredients work together to detoxify our bodies and nourish our skin from within, leading to a natural, healthy glow.

While using the product, we observed that our skin appeared clearer and more radiant. Additionally, some users reported having improved complexion and reduced inflammation. Keep in mind, if you’re looking for a product to enhance your skincare routine, Kiala Super Greens contributes to your overall well-being and helps you achieve that much-desired natural glow.

It’s important to remember that our experiences with this product might vary, and individual results can always differ. However, based on our time with Kiala Nutrition Super Greens, we can confidently say that it’s worth considering if radiant skin is one of your goals.

Pros and Cons


We found that Kiala Nutrition Super Greens truly shines when it comes to reducing bloating and supporting gut health. Its carefully selected blend of organic ingredients work together to provide relief from uncomfortable bloating, promoting a lighter and more comfortable feeling in users. The blend also contains premium organic fibers and enzymes that aid in digestion, help move food through the system efficiently, and support overall gut health.

Another major advantage of this organic greens powder is its ability to boost immunity, thanks to its rich content of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants sourced from organic superfoods. Regular consumption can strengthen the immune system and help ward off illnesses throughout the year.

One standout benefit of Kiala Nutrition Super Greens is its natural energy-boosting properties. The powder provides a sustained boost throughout the day, sans crashes often caused by caffeine or sugary drinks. This not only keeps users active and focused but can also help regulate sleep cycles for improved nightly rest.

Lastly, the blend contains skin-nourishing nutrients like vitamins A, C, and E, along with antioxidants that promote radiant, healthy skin. By detoxifying the body and nourishing the skin from within, users can achieve a natural glow.


Despite its numerous benefits, Kiala Nutrition Super Greens does have a few drawbacks. Some users found the texture to be a bit gritty, even after experimenting with various mixing techniques. This might make it less enjoyable for those who are particular about texture.

Additionally, while many appreciated the unique Watermelon Slush flavor, some still preferred consuming the powder in smoothies or mixed with other beverages instead of drinking it on its own. As taste is subjective, users might need to find their preferred method of consumption.

In conclusion, Kiala Nutrition Super Greens offers numerous benefits in terms of reducing bloating, supporting gut health, boosting immunity, increasing energy, and promoting radiant skin. However, its texture and taste may require some experimenting for the ideal personal experience.

Digesting Customer Feedback

Having tried Kiala Nutrition Super Greens ourselves, we understand the importance of customer feedback to get the overall picture of user experience. After going through numerous reviews, we’re happy to report that this organic greens powder has received a 4.3-star rating out of 5 from 3,389 customers.

Many users rave about the delicious Watermelon Slush flavor, and some even claim that they don’t get tired of it after daily use. It seems that the taste significantly improved compared to Kiala Nutrition’s earlier offering, Bloom. Customers also appreciate the powder’s ability to mix easily with just a shaker bottle and some ice cubes.

Discussing its effectiveness, users mention a boost in energy levels and improvement in gut health. They have also experienced less bloating and better digestion as a result of using this product. However, a few users pointed out that they still find the texture gritty, despite trying different mixing methods.

In summary, Kiala Nutrition Super Greens stands out for its taste, mixability, and positive impact on energy and digestion, although the texture may not be ideal for everyone.


In our experience with Kiala Nutrition Super Greens, we found that it has many benefits that make it worth considering. The Watermelon Slush flavor is not only enjoyable but also makes it easy to drink or mix into smoothies. As a source of antioxidants, nutrients, and gut health support, this organic greens powder has been effective in reducing bloating and promoting healthy digestion.

After using it consistently, we noticed improvements in our energy levels throughout the day. Some users reported decreased hunger and feeling better overall, while a few mentioned slight grittiness in its texture when mixed. However, the pros of this product far outweigh the cons, and it is highly recommended for those looking to improve their overall health and digestion.

As a third-party review, we can confidently say that Kiala Nutrition Super Greens stands out as a delicious, nutritious, and beneficial supplement for everyday use.

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