Ironbound Program Reviews – Is it Worth Buying?

Ironbound Program (Blue Heron Health News) is a revolutionary online program created by Shelly Manning that aims to eliminate HCT by natural means.

Most of the Ironbound Program reviews have been majorly positive, with an average rating of 4.8/5.

What is the Ironbound Program?

Ironbound Program is for people suffering from Hemochromatosis (HCT). Shelly Manning has crafted this program. The author doesn’t claim to have discovered a groundbreaking solution for Hemochromatosis (HCT) or to be a genius.

Instead, she’s a highly respected alternative health practitioner known for successful natural health remedies. The Ironbound program is based on two decades of research from various global institutions, and it does not present new claims or unique discoveries but rather includes well-established scientific facts.

Shelly has carefully organized a wide range of proven medical approaches into a simple program specifically designed for individuals who want to avoid a lifetime of dealing with Hemochromatosis.

This Ironbound Program has gained a lot of appreciation from people who once suffered from the condition, and now, they can barely remember anything about HCT.

Shelly’s thorough analysis provided a near-miraculous escape from the condition for the people who thought they would have to face a lifelong struggle. The solution to heal yourself from HCT is very simple and is described in this program very well.

You will not have to run to the doctor for your phlebotomy sessions to remove blood or chemically remove excess iron from your blood. The process in this program is simple, effective, and doable.

How Does the Ironbound Program Work?

The program has two very important goals, one of which is to help you avoid HCT.

  • The first one is the game-changing primary goal. This goal focuses on stopping the HCT gene from creating the HCT condition. Think of it as a running tap that has caused water to spread all over your kitchen; first, you would focus on stopping the flow of water. If the gene stops creating the HCT, you will not have HCT, which is the game-changer. Your main problem is solved.
  • The second goal is to clean up the excess iron in your body. To link with the above running water example, after you close the tap, you will have to clean up the clogged excess water. In the same way, the goal will be to start clearing up the excess iron and fixing the damage that has been caused to the tissues and organs throughout the body by iron.

After all this, there is also something called hepcidin, which is produced by the HCT gene. Hepcidin is a form of switch that helps in the absorption of iron; when the gene does not produce hepcidin, huge amounts of iron are absorbed, which causes damage.

To produce hepcidin, butyrate, which comes from gut bacteria, is needed. So, in the end, the gut bacteria need to be strengthened to get all of it; it is like a chain.

A certain amount of food or special ingredients are needed to strengthen the gut bacteria. All this is compiled together and mentioned in the Ironbound Program.

What will you learn in the Ironbound Program?

You will learn about specific foods and ingredients you should include in your diet, which can help you eliminate HCT overall. Shelly has crafted a list of foods you should avoid and a list of alternatives that you can replace in your daily diet to help with the overall HCT condition.

The author has also included five specific nutrients, or the “5 superstars,” as the author likes them to be addressed, that can stop the HCT condition from its root. They will also clean up all the excess iron that is soaked in your blood and tissues.

Those five nutrients are super easy to find in any supermarket. They are not exotic nutrients that are difficult to source or even pronounce. They are natural foods that you can easily consume.

You will not have to spend much on these nutrients, as they are quite inexpensive. Also, you do not have to keep consuming these nutrients forever. Once they have done their work and sorted out your HCT condition, you can simply stop consuming them.

However, some specific foods mentioned in the program can be very beneficial for gut health; they are supposed to be consumed every week. You can easily get them as you go out for your weekly grocery shopping.

When you follow all these steps, you will surely be able to heal from the HCT condition, and continuing the following from the program can help you lead a healthy, happy, and disease-free life.

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You can get the following benefits from the Ironbound Program-

  • You will be able to eliminate the HCT condition from its root by addressing the underlying issue.
  • You can also lose some pounds by following the program, as some previous users have also stated weight loss as one of the program’s positive outcomes.
  • You can also strengthen the health of your gut, which will help improve your body’s overall health.
  • When you eat healthy, your bodily functions will also benefit, as this ensures essential nutrients are absorbed in your body.
  • You will also experience your sleep schedule getting fixed as you get enhanced sleep at night.
  • When you have a good night’s sleep, you wake up fresh, and due to this, you will stay happy and refreshed all day.
  • When the right nutrients enter your body, they boost your strength and support high energy levels all day.
  • The super nutrients mentioned in the program also protect your body from Heart Disease, Tumor growth, Hormonal imbalance, Chronic inflammation, Bone weakness, Erratic blood sugars, Liver and kidney malfunction
  • Another amazing benefit reported by some users is improved reproductive function as well as reproductive drive in men and women and erections in men.

How is the Ironbound Program better than other treatments?

The Ironbound Program is said to be very effective in treating HCT. It can effectively improve your body’s blood cells and permanently reduce problems associated with HCT.

While most supplements, iron medicines, and capsules provide temporary relief, they even cause dangerous side effects and obstruct digestion in some cases.

However, The Ironbound Program does not have any such side effects. It is completely safe to follow this program as it only provides natural remedies and household solutions that are not harmful and difficult at all.

The Ironbound Program is said to improve your approach to your health. The ingredients listed in the must-have, must-avoid, and must-consume lists should be taken seriously for you to see the best results.

The program effectively works for all adults regardless of their age and health conditions. It is the only program that never causes side effects, harm, or allergic reactions.


The entire Ironbound Program is only $49 and nothing more than that. You do not have to pay anything near 300, 200, or even 100 dollars because the creator has made this program affordable for everyone.

The charge for the treatments and doctor visits is far more than the amount of dollars mentioned previously, so what you need to do is make the right choice and opt for the option that is suitable for you.

You will get an unlimited download option of the program for a lifetime. You will not be asked for any subscription or renewal fee for the program.

If you require a physical copy of the book, you just have to pay the printing charge for the program, which will be delivered to you.

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Money-back guarantee

Yes, you are backed by a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, wherein you can get your 100% money refunded after trying the program for 60 days.

You get a no-questions-asked guarantee, so if you do not feel that the program is working for you or you do not see any changes in your health after trying the steps in the program, you do not have to answer the company about it.

You can simply contact them via email or phone and get your entire amount refunded easily. This ensures the safety of your investment in the program.


Overall, most of the Ironbound Program reviews are positive and support the credibility of this effective program.

The Ironbound Program by Blue Heron Health News is said to be the most effective program in treating HCT. The program should be followed for at least 60 days for the best results.

If you’re someone who has been suffering from iron problems or HCT, this program can be used to battle and defeat your condition naturally and permanently.

It does not cause any side effects and is completely safe to follow all science-backed strategies as well. So what are you waiting for? Click here to get started with the Ironbound Program right away.