Hair Revital X Reviews – Is It Really Good for You?

Hair Revital X by Zenith Labs is a scientifically proven hair growth supplement designed to stop hair loss & promote hair growth for men and women.

Most of the Hair Revital X reviews have been majorly positive, with an average rating of 4.6/5.

What is Hair Revital X?

Hair Revital X is a natural breakthrough formula in the form of a dietary supplement as well as in serum form designed to support natural and healthy hair.

It combines natural and purity-tested ingredients that restore the imbalanced “hair loss” hormones. With the help of modern sciences and traditional knowledge about hair health, experts have crafted this hair-revitalizing remedial solution. Hair Revital X not only makes your hair look thicker and shinier but also makes it healthier.

It brings the imbalanced, disturbed “hair growth cycle” back on track by leveraging the beneficial properties of its all-natural components.

The experts behind Hair Revital X have used their well-researched theories and have conducted several experiments to prove the potency of these natural ingredients.

Not only extensive research and experiments, but Hair Revital X is backed by ingredients obtained from the best and purest sources in the world. Thus, Hair Revital X is completely safe for everyone to use.

It improves hair health and strengthens hair growth by providing the right nutrients in the right quantity at the right time.

Several customers have tried and tested this hair-revitalizing supplement and shared positive feedback about how Hair Revital X brought their hair ‘back to life.’ If you, too, would like to be one of them, try this revolutionary product today!

How Does Hair Revital X Work?

Hair Revital X stands true to its name and utilizes its benefits to address the deepest-rooted cause of an imbalanced hair growth cycle and poor hair health. Every ingredient selected for creating Hair Revital X contains properties that help solve hair health issues.

This supplement, whether in scalp serum or capsulated form, gets to the bottom of the hair-related problem. It begins working by bringing balance to the DHT hormone levels present in the body.

When the DHT hormone is present in the body in more than the necessary amount, it stops new hair growth and weakens the hair follicles. Hair follicles are responsible for the hair fall as well as hair regrowth.

With the help of Hair Revital X, these follicles are strengthened, and DHT levels are kept intact daily, especially during the night. There can be several reasons why the DHT levels in your body may be imbalanced irrespective of your age or gender.

It could be environmental or genetic, but at the end of the day, your body requires a permanent, natural, and safe solution to support balanced DHT levels. That very definite solution is Hair Revital X.

It effectively solves your hair growth issues, thus giving you a healthy hair system and making it look voluminous, healthier, and shinier.

Hair Revital X Ingredients

This natural hair supplement is an effective blend of thoroughly tested natural ingredients selected from the purest and best sources in the world. The following ingredients are present in the Hair Revital X oral supplement.

Hair Revital X Ingredients 

Sam Palmetto

It is the key ingredient, a natural DHT inhibitor that helps reverse hair loss. It healthily supports the hair growth cycle– “grow, shed, regrow”.

Nettle leaf extract

Yet another powerful ingredient that supports the reduction of DHT levels, this naturally derived extract increases the amount of your follicle cells, thus increasing hair growth.

Pygeum Bark Extract

The bark of the African Cherry tree works effectively when combined with Saw Palmetto to target the imbalanced DHT in your body.


This essential amino acid is produced by your body naturally. It helps to keep the DHT levels balanced, thus ensuring healthy hair growth.

Vitamin A Palmitate, Phytosterols, Pantothenic acid, and Zinc

The blend of these ingredients is called “the regrowth extender” because it extends the growing stage of the follicles. Together, they help improve the hair follicle cycle.

L-Cysteine and Vitamin B6

While L-cysteine is an amino acid that nourishes your hair tissues and cells, Vitamin B6 helps absorb the former ingredient better. They keep your hair healthy, nourished, and hydrated.

Folic acid and Biotin

These two ingredients are forms of Vitamin B, effectively supporting healthy skin, nails, and hair. They keep the hair cells nourished with oxygen and water in appropriate amounts. This results in stronger hair growth, less breaking of hair, and less greying.

The topical Hair Revital X supplement, which can be applied to the hair and scalp, also has a unique blend of ingredients that work just as well as oral supplements.

They’re as follows:

Saw Palmetto

To put it in Layman’s terms, this ingredient boosts hair growth and enables new hair growth in spots with thinning hair.

Rosemary and Carthamus Thistle extract

Purely derived extracts of Rosemary and Carthamus Thistle are known to have similar effects to Saw Palmetto’s.


It is mainly found in parsley and chamomile. Apigenin positively triggers hair cell growth by extending the follicles’ regrowth stage.


Also known as the Asian Pennywort, Centella amplifies hair growth by to put it simply- taking messages from your DNA to grow your hair. It is another ingredient that supports the follicle regrowth stage.

Biotinoyl tripeptide 1

It directly improves overall hair health by using its “anti-aging effect” on the follicle cells. It keeps your hair young, thus preventing hair loss.


Panax Ginseng contains numerous benefits, prominently prolonging cell life. It helps in the regrowth of healthy hair and ensures the cells stay young for a long time.

Butylene glycol

It is an organic alcohol derived from sugars in fruits and vegetables. It is an absorbing agent used in several haircare and skincare products.


Lecithin, obtained from egg yolks, sunflower seeds, or soybeans, is a common ingredient in homemade hand lotion recipes. It helps other ingredients get absorbed deeply.


Derived from red peppers, this ingredient is often used in topical painkillers. It is known to repair nerves and cells and stimulate them. It provides warmth to your skin, and the follicles can easily absorb nutrients.

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  • It acts as a natural DHT (dihydrotestosterone) inhibitor by reducing and restoring its levels to normal.
  • It supports a healthy hair growth cycle of “growth, shedding, and regrowth.”
  • It extends the life of cells in follicles, enabling new hair growth.
  • It prevents thinning, breaking, and greying of hair.
  • It is a tried and tested, vegan, and cruelty-free hair supplement.
  • It restores your confidence by giving your hair a healthier look.


  • It can be bought only from its official website and is unavailable in any offline or medical stores.
  • It is a chemical-free, lab-tested natural supplement and not a medical diagnosis. A professional consultation is recommended.
  • It has limited stock available, and limited discounts and bonuses are available through its official website only.

How to use it?

Since the supplement is available in two forms, the usage for both is different.

  • Oral supplement: The oral form of Hair Revital X is present in a capsulated form. The suggested dosage is two capsules regularly or as directed by your health care provider.
  • Topical supplement: The topical supplement is present as a serum. One to two sprays of this serum should be massaged into the scalp daily.

Hair Revital X Customer Reviews

The following customer reviews will surely convince you to make a healthy decision for your hair.

“I’ve been balding for years and had looked into many products and procedures only to be disappointed. After using Hair Revital X, the hair on my head is thicker and more vibrant than it was before! I am excited over the next month to see the results!” – Mike Willardson, age 67, Idaho.

“My hair kept getting thinner, and I felt uncomfortable. I knew it was very bad when my husband mentioned getting a wig. I tried Hair Revital X as a last resort, and now my hair looks better and thicker! My doctor noticed new hair coming in!”- Carolyn Holderman, age 75, Alabama.

“I was concerned about my thinning hair. After trying Hair Revital X, my hair has gotten thicker and looks more vibrant.” – Gregory Distad, age 65, Pennsylvania.

Hair Revital X Results


Hair Revital X is exclusively available on its official website to ensure you receive original and genuine products. The supplement is made available to you at affordable prices, and the following are the details:

  • One month’s supply of Hair Revital can be bought at $59/bottle + FREE shipping.
  • A three-month supply of Hair Revital can be bought at $45/bottle+ FREE shipping.
  • A six-month supply of Hair Revital can be bought at $39/bottle+ FREE shipping.

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Overall, most of the Hair Revital X reviews are positive, with 4.6/5 customer ratings, which might help strengthen the authenticity of this supplement.

Having healthy and nourished hair gives you the much-needed confidence boost for your appearance. However, several factors can cause severe damage to your hair, resulting in heavy hair loss, frizziness, brittle hair, and greying.

They could be genetic, environmental, etc. Hair Revital X, through its blend of all-natural ingredients, ensures that this damage is reversed completely and gives your hair the nutrients it deserves.

It acts as an effective and natural DHT inhibitor. Where expensive treatments, surgeries, and medications fail to deliver results, Hair Revital X gives your hair the health and appearance it deserves.

Make this beneficial purchase today and give your hair a healthy, natural, and affordable treatment.




Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for use?

Yes, Hair Revital X is safe for both men and women. It is a vegan, cruelty-free, lab-tested hair supplement with 100% natural ingredients. It does not cause any side effects, and no negative reviews mention it.

Who can benefit from using it?

Adults above the age of 18 can avail themselves of this product’s benefits. Pregnant and nursing women should not use this supplement. If you’re already taking prescription medicines or have a pre-existing condition, it is ideal to consult a health professional.

How long does it take to get the results?

Hair Revital X is a completely natural oral and topical supplement. The ingredients present in the supplement gradually adjust to your system and provide it with the necessary nutrients. Within a few weeks, you will start noticing slight changes. Within a month, you will experience the best of this supplement.

What is the money-back guarantee?

Not only does Hair Revital X promise fruitful results, but it is also backed by a 100% 180-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are unsatisfied with its results, you will get a refund of all your money with no questions asked!