Female Vitality Blueprint Reviews – Is it Worth Buying?

Female Vitality Blueprint is a program that helps women eliminate their risk of leaking or urinary issues and achieve a stronger and more enjoyable orgasm.

Most of Female Vitality Blueprint reviews have been majorly positive, with an average rating of 4.6/5.

What is the Female Vitality Blueprint?

Female Vitality Blueprint is an exclusive program that addresses the inability of women to achieve orgasms. Many women in fact, most women find it difficult to orgasm and assume that it has always been difficult for women to achieve orgasms.

However, that is not the case! Women should be able to achieve orgasms as easily as men. However, somehow, women find it harder to orgasm and need more time to achieve it.

Thus, the Female Vitality Blueprint has been created to bust all the myths surrounding female orgasms and how they can be easily achieved by women, too.

Recent research has been able to identify the root cause of women’s inability to achieve an orgasm like men do. Firstly, let’s talk about the fact that women also suffer from orgasm dysfunction, where women are only able to orgasm in certain ways or find it difficult to orgasm no matter what they do.

The Female Vitality Blueprint helps you understand different types of dysfunctions related to female orgasm and the roots of them all. Female Vitality Blueprint is just for you if you are one of those women suffering from these issues.

You no longer have to suffer from this dysfunction as the program helps to address it at the roots, improves blood supply for better satisfaction, and supports various other functions of your body to help you achieve complete satisfaction.

Never in your life you may have imagined that achieving orgasms easily, feeling satisfied and content can be possible, and improving your drive is achievable.

The key to achieving the best orgasms of your life is in the Female Vitality Blueprint, which consists of simple techniques that help to boost various functions for complete female satisfaction.

How Does the Female Vitality Blueprint Work?

Four types of female orgasm dysfunctions affect many women. These orgasm dysfunctions arise as a result of misalignment in the body.

This misalignment causes your blood flow to cut off to the vagina causing less sensations in that region and affecting your ability to orgasm.

It ranges from a female who has never achieved orgasm before to women being able to orgasm with several stimulations.

Recent statistics suggest that 74% of women suffer from orgasm dysfunction, and it has been found in recent research that all four types of orgasm dysfunction are caused by an imbalance of the female anatomy.

Due to common lifestyle factors like long hours of working, stressors, unhealthy eating habits, and much more, the alignment of your body gets affected, which causes the muscles of your vagina to go into hibernation, which makes the sensations weaker in that region.

Thus, the Female Vitality Blueprint is the right solution for you if you wish to achieve solid orgasms.

The alignment exercises in this protocol can be done at home and will help you experience a new world of satisfaction. Female Vitality Blueprint uses a simple three-step method to help you improve the alignment of your upper body.

The exercises used for improving the alignment of your body also consist of targeted exercises that help to release tight muscles that can obstruct blood flow and make it difficult to achieve orgasm.

Components of the Female Vitality Blueprint

As discussed earlier, the Female Vitality Blueprint is based on new research findings that cause orgasm dysfunction in women. The root of all types of orgasm dysfunction is something called layer syndrome.

This syndrome causes an imbalance in the muscles of your body, including the core area. This syndrome is caused due to tightness of the muscles around your neck and shoulders.

Thus, the Female Vitality Blueprint consists of exercises and techniques that help you achieve complete relief from orgasm dysfunction and achieve the orgasms you may not have experienced before.

Take a look at the components of Female Vitality Blueprint to get a glimpse of how the program helps women achieve better satisfaction and restore their sexual intimacy by addressing the layer syndrome and muscle tightness:

  • Female Vitality Blueprint Informational Video: This informational video consists of easy-to-understand concepts that help you transform the health of your muscles and achieve better body alignment. Take a look at what some of the chapters contain:
    • The 1st chapter consists of information on performing Kegels to improve the strength of your vaginal walls. 
    • Chapter 3 consists of safe and effective methods for strengthening and repairing the core muscles. These methods also help increase sensation and blood flow below.
    • Chapter 6 consists of the three-step movement sequence that can be done in the bathroom in the mornings. This three-step method reduces vaginal dryness, improves the tightness and tones the vagina, and has several other benefits.

You can find several such chapters in the Female Vitality Blueprint that help improve the health and functions necessary to achieve an orgasm.

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  • Female Vitality Blueprint consists of scientifically proven and doctor-approved techniques that improve vaginal sensations by strengthening the walls of the vaginal canal.
  • The program consists of improving the strength and promoting repair in the core muscles using safe and effective techniques which increase blood flow to the vagina.
  • Female Vitality Blueprint relieves tight muscles and improves posture and body alignment.
  • By following this program, you can feel more confident and satisfied with improved core strength and posture.


  • Female Vitality Blueprint can only be purchased from its official website and is not sold elsewhere.
  • The program may work for you only if the underlying cause of your orgasm dysfunction is one of the reasons stated in the program.
  • The results may only appear if the methods of the program are followed thoroughly.
  • Women with muscle-related health conditions may consult a doctor before using the Female Vitality Blueprint.

How to use it?

Using the Female Vitality Blueprint is quite simple. Once you complete your purchase, you unlock access to the program and receive all the methods mentioned.

The first step to get started is to go through the contents of the program and understand the mechanism of the exercises. Follow the methods as instructed and perform the exercises during the hours recommended in the program.

This is the best way to use the program and achieve the results mentioned in the program.

Any Side Effects?

Female Vitality Blueprint is based on scientific research and consists of methods approved by doctors, scientists, and midwives. These exercises are light and easy to follow. Some exercises are recommended only for more flexible women who can perform them easily.

Thus, the exercises are meant to improve the strength of different muscles in the body and promote better functions of orgasm in women.

The exercises are safe for women of all ages and do not cause any negative side effects. Remember that if any exercises cause pain or discomfort, stop doing them immediately and consult a doctor before using them.


Female Vitality Blueprint is available for purchase on its official website only. This means you cannot find it elsewhere, and it is exclusively available on its official site only.

Thus, get the Female Vitality Blueprint from its official site for an authentic product. The original price of the Female Vitality Blueprint is around $150; however, during the offer period, you will get access to It for more than half its original price.

Here is all you need to know about the pricing for this product:

  • The Female Vitality Blueprint is available for just $67 for a limited time.
  • The Female Vitality Blueprint- Audio series can also be added for $9.99.

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Refund Policy

Female Vitality Blueprint is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to invest in this program risk-free, try it, and experience the amazing results it has provided thousands of women.

However, if you find the program or the exercises have not worked for you, this guarantee ensures you can apply for a refund within the allotted time.


With your purchase of Female Vitality Blueprint, you also get access to a bonus called the “Back To Life—Three Stretch Pain-Free Video Series.” This bonus helps strengthen the back and relieve pain.

Female Vitality Blueprint Customer Reviews

Here’s a testimonial that shows how the Female Vitality Blueprint helps you achieve orgasms and a better sex life:

  • Carrie, 56.

“I am not used to talking about my sexuality or even saying a word, and it’s awkward. Women my age don’t usually talk about it. But… I thought that part of my life was dying or dead, that it was in the past, that it was for young people, and that it was hard for me to accept that.. and it was also hard to talk to my husband about it. But I guess I don’t have to accept it. Your program and your techniques helped me embrace my ongoing sexuality and start feeling things. My libido is high, and I am enjoying my new-found pleasures.”


Female Vitality Blueprint is available for purchase worldwide. However, the entire program and its contents are created in a digital form, making it accessible immediately upon completion of the payment. Thus, the Female Vitality Blueprint does not need to be delivered anywhere, which helps you save on shipping charges.

However, some countries also impose taxes on international purchases regardless of whether the product is online or needs to be shipped.


Female Vitality Blueprint has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 for customer reviews based on the Female Vitality Blueprint reviews we saw.

Female Vitality Blueprint has been created to address the roots of issues that cause orgasm dysfunction in women. Thus, if you have been looking for a way to bring back the intimacy in your life, the Female Vitality Blueprint is recommended for you. 






Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Female Vitality Blueprint?

Female Vitality Blueprint is a comprehensive program designed to boost the ability of women to achieve complete sexual satisfaction. It is based on recently discovered secrets that point out the roots of the orgasm dysfunction in women.

Does the Female Vitality Blueprint work?

Yes, the Female Vitality Blueprint addresses many aspects that cause orgasm dysfunction. The program consists of exercises that help to improve the strength of the muscles from the shoulders to the vagina to help you get better sensations, improve blood circulation, and strengthen the walls of the vaginal canal to help you achieve orgasms.

How long does it take for the results to appear?

Most women feel the difference just a few weeks after starting the program. However, several factors may influence these results that can cause the results to appear later.

What is the guarantee period for the Female Vitality Blueprint?

This program’s guarantee period lasts 60 days from the date of purchase.