Blood Sugar Premier Reviews – Is it Worth Buying?

Blood Sugar Premier by Zenith Labs is made of natural plant-based ingredients and minerals that support healthy blood sugar levels. It is clinically proven to be safe and effective and causes no side effects.

With an impressive 4.8-star rating from 5,765+ Blood Sugar Premier reviews, it’s evident that this isn’t just another blood sugar support supplement; it’s a life-changer for many.

What is Blood Sugar Premier?

Blood Sugar Premier has been created based on ancient Chinese wisdom, which suggests some of the best remedial herbs for treating high blood sugar at the root. In this ancient Chinese text, the father of Chinese Medicine addressed the perfect way to handle blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar Premier is based on research studies that suggest the roots of your health problems, including high blood sugar levels.

Frequent spikes in blood sugar may not be great for your overall health, as they also affect other processes in your body. Thus, it is important to support your blood sugar.

Blood Sugar Premier contains a combination of three ingredients that work synergistically to regulate high blood sugar and promote a balance in these levels by targeting the roots.

This is the only formula on the market that consists of this perfect synergistic trio, along with added vitamin support, herbs, and minerals, all combined to provide you with the best blood sugar support you have ever seen.

Thus, if you have been looking for natural ways to regulate your blood sugar levels, Blood Sugar Premier is the right solution for you.

How Does Blood Sugar Premier Work?

Blood Sugar Premier has been created to tackle the root cause of high blood sugar and help your body regulate these levels naturally. The formula is based on research that has determined the root cause of high blood sugar, helping you achieve fewer spikes and more balance in blood sugar.

Recent research has been able to point out the exact cause of high blood sugar in your body. These include fat accumulation around the pancreas and inflamed cells in your body.

The pancreas is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels by secreting insulin. However, due to fat accumulation around the pancreas, this function is affected, and your body may not have enough insulin to eliminate the excessive sugar in your body.

Additionally, inflamed cells of the body may not be able to take up sugar molecules and use them for energy production. Thus, blood sugar levels rise, causing high levels and spikes.

Blood Sugar Premier contains an effective nutrient combination that helps tackle these problems at the roots. Berberine and piperine help eliminate the dangerous fat build-up around the pancreas.

This helps restore your pancreas’s health and supports insulin’s functions. Additionally, berberine and curcumin help reduce inflammation and improve the functions of the cells to regulate blood sugar further.

Blood Sugar Premier Ingredients

Blood Sugar Premier ingredients are carefully picked and that work synergistically to deliver various benefits, as it claims. Let’s take a look in detail:

Blood Sugar Premier Ingredients


Berberine traps the inflamed cells that cause high blood sugar. It eliminates fat deposits from the pancreas that affect its functions. It is also great for supporting the health of your heart, maintaining cardiac function, and much more.


This ingredient is extracted from turmeric root. It has been added to support insulin sensitivity and reduce insulin resistance. Along with that, it improves the inflammatory response, lowers blood sugar levels, and is great for maintaining muscle and bone health.


This ingredient ensures that the body absorbs the nutrients. Additionally, it supports curcumin in improving insulin functions and promoting fat loss.

Vitamins C, D3, B3, and B6 have also been added to the blend to support a healthy inflammatory response and regulate blood sugar.

You also find minerals like Magnesium, Zinc, and Chromium added to the blend.

Along with these ingredients, you get a blend of herbs, including Fenugreek powder, Gymnema, American Ginseng, ALA, Cinnamon Powder, Milk Thistle, and much more.

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  • The Blood Sugar Premier supplement is a combination of natural ingredients that have been used to support blood sugar regulation.
  • Blood Sugar Premier is the only formula that contains ancient wisdom-based ingredients known to maintain blood sugar naturally.
  • The formula is carefully crafted to ensure that all ingredients are present in the right amounts for the formula to work.
  • Blood Sugar Premier promotes other aspects of health and supports overall health and well-being.


  • Blood Sugar Premier can only be purchased from its official website.
  • The formula must be taken only after consulting a doctor if you are diabetic or have other health conditions.
  • You may be able to achieve results only if you use the formula as recommended.

How to Use?

Blood Sugar Premier is a formula that has been created to help you regulate your blood sugar levels daily. You can use the formula daily with standardized doses of every ingredient added to every capsule.

It has been recommended that you take 1 to 2 capsules of Blood Sugar Premier daily to regulate your blood sugar levels naturally.

If you have other health conditions, women who are pregnant or lactating and others using medications are recommended to consult a doctor before using the Blood Sugar Premier supplement.

Additionally, long-term use of the formula has been associated with long-term benefits; hence, make sure to take Blood Sugar Premier for the recommended duration if you want to experience the difference in your blood sugar levels and enjoy the benefits of the formula.

Any Side Effects?

Blood Sugar Premier is an all-natural formula with a mixture of potent herbs, vitamins, and minerals used in traditional medicine and proven in modern research to be effective for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

These ingredients are present in their purest forms, obtained from high-quality suppliers, and tested for purity and potency.

Blood Sugar Premier is also free from toxic ingredients, chemicals, and other harmful substances that can affect your health negatively. Thus, Blood Sugar Premier is safe and doesn’t cause any side effects on your health.

However, one must follow the dosage guidelines to use the formula safely.


Blood Sugar Premier is available for purchase on its official website only. This blood sugar supplement is not only affordable but also highly effective.

To make it available for as many customers as possible, Blood Sugar Premier is available for amazing money-saving discounts. The discounts may only be available for a limited time, so get your supply of Blood Sugar Premier today.

Here is everything you need to know about the pricing and discounts for Blood Sugar Premier:

  • 1x bottle of Blood Sugar Premier is available for just $49
  • 3x bottles of Blood Sugar Premier are available for just $117
  • 6x bottles of Blood Sugar Premier are available for just $198

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Blood Sugar Premier Customer Reviews

Blood Sugar Premier is the only supplement on the market that has proven effective in naturally regulating blood sugar. You can take a look at what the customers have to say about the formula:

  • I can’t say it any better than happy customer Thelma A., age 75:

“I’ve had a good life, but it’s GREAT now. I love Blood Sugar Premier.”

  • And Neil M., age 82:

“Since using Blood Sugar Premier, my doctor has told me I no longer have to worry about my blood sugar. This product works. I have peace of mind now.”

  • Simone G., who said:

“My A1c dropped 2 points so far! I’m so pleased and impressed with Blood Sugar Premier.”

Blood Sugar Premier has several reviews suggesting how great the formula has been for them. You can join the ranks with these customers and experience the amazing results that await you with Blood Sugar Premier.

Refund Policy

You can confidently invest in Blood Sugar Premier because they provide a generous money-back guarantee on every purchase. This money-back guarantee lasts for 180 days from the date of purchase.

If, for any reason, you do not feel satisfied with the results you achieve with Blood Sugar Premier, you can simply apply for a refund and get all your money back. It’s that simple!


Blood Sugar Premier is currently being delivered to various locations at a minimal shipping charge on domestic orders. You can find the shipping charges applicable to your location by simply visiting their official website and going to the checkout page.

Once you select the package of your choice and enter the location for delivery, the entire summary, along with the shipping charges, is displayed.

Here are a few locations where Blood Sugar Premier is delivered, along with the shipping charges applicable for deliveries to these locations:

  • USA: $0.00 shipping and handling charges on all packs of Blood Sugar Premier
  • UK, Canada, India, and other countries: $19.95 shipping and handling charges on all packs of Blood Sugar Premier

Shipping charges for international orders are $19.95. However, it is best to go to the checkout page and enter your location to get an estimate of charges applicable to your order.



Blood Sugar Premier is based on an ancient discovery that consists of the perfect remedy for blood sugar support. The blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that have been included in the formula supports natural and healthy blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar Premier has been customized by adding precise ingredients to the blend to enable you to achieve optimum results.

Hence, if you have been experiencing frequent spikes in your blood sugar levels and have been looking for a supplement to support natural blood sugar levels, Blood Sugar Premier is highly recommended for you.





Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blood Sugar Premier?

Blood Sugar Premier is a potent formula that has been created by combining some of the best research-backed ingredients. It is the only formula that consists of a precise blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that promote healthy blood sugar and support overall health.

Does Blood Sugar Premier work?

All the ingredients present in Blood Sugar Premier have been tested for their potency and purity and are backed by scientific research. These ingredients have proven to lower your blood sugar levels and regulate them so that you do not experience spikes in your blood sugar. Hence, Blood Sugar Premier is 100% effective.

How many bottles of Blood Sugar Premier should I order?

You can find 3 different packs of Blood Sugar Premier on its official website. Each bottle of the formula lasts for 30 days, hence if you simply want to try the formula you can order one bottle.

However, optimal results can be achieved by using Blood Sugar Premier for 3 to 6 months. Hence, ordering 3 or 6 bottles of Blood Sugar Premier is best to achieve optimal results and maximize your savings on the purchase today.

How does the guarantee on Blood Sugar Premier work?

The 180-day guarantee provides a 100% refund for customers who do not find Blood Sugar Premier effective. In any case, you can apply for a refund.

All you have to do is return the bottles of the formula (including the empty ones) and contact the customer support team to initiate the process. You can also send them an email to get the process started.