Emily Lark’s Back to Life Program Reviews (Updated 2024)

Back to Life is a nonintrusive and safe program designed to help you perform easy-to-follow movements and stretches that can easily eliminate your back pain.

What is Back to Life?

Back to Life is a revolutionary digital program created to solve back pain. The program comprises exercises and techniques that work to eliminate your body’s pain, especially back pain.

The program is available in a video format, which helps the user to follow the exercises and techniques. Back to Life has been curated by experts who have studied and experimented with the exercises to ensure they target the problem and provide long-term benefits of using the program.

The program provides the users with guidance on following the exercises, thus relieving them of back pain.

The program educates users about their problems and gives them the necessary resources to solve them. Through this program, users are able to “erase” their back pain and correct their back posture.

The program’s exercises are easy to follow, with thorough instructions guiding you with each step. Through this well-guided program, you will learn about various exercises that help in reducing your back pain successfully.

It will teach you about different types of back pains, help you understand their root cause, and help you seek permanent relief from them.

Back to Life system contains important nutritional information that your physical and mental well-being can use.

Besides remedial exercises that work on your back pain, the Back to Life program also provides simple diet-related tips where you will learn about foods that provide maximum nutrients to your body and reduce body pain.

How Does Back to Life Work?

The program focuses on solving your back problems and simultaneously correcting your back posture. There are multiple exercises out there that one can perform to get relief from the body. However, Back to Life specifically comprises exercises that actively target your back pain.

These exercises begin with providing release to the tightness in your muscles. It helps with the stiffness in your back muscles while supporting easy physical movements.

It allows your body to move flexibly without feeling the discomfort of straining muscles. With the help of its stretching exercises, your body gets the much-needed warm-up before you begin your daily chores.

Exercises included in the program have been well researched by experts and have been tested before becoming a part of Back to Life.

Thus, they are safe to perform and cause no side effects. The program especially helps people who are busy due to study or work and have little to no time to exercise.

The exercises are explained with detailed instructions and are not at all time-consuming. You get to know about various types of body pains and what might cause them frequently.

Alongside this, you also learn about solutions to these types of pains. These solutions are truly safe, effective, and have long-lasting effects on your body.

Thus, the relief you seek from your back pain is not short-lived or conditional. You must practice these exercises regularly, and your body will gradually start healing.

Components of The Back to Life program

The Back to Life program is not just a guide to relieve back pain but a wholesome exercise guide that thoroughly educates you on everything you need to know to solve your back pain, get rid of stiffness, and correct your posture.

The components included in Back to Life are as follows:

  • 3-level videos: The program is divided into three levels with various elements that support a healthy back and improve body posture. The first level of exercise is quite basic and easy to follow. They can be done as a warm-up before you jump to the next levels. Levels two and three are slightly more difficult and intense than the basic exercises. However, they are accompanied by detailed instructions. Level two exercises specifically focus on reducing the stiffness and inflammation in your back muscles. Lastly, level 3 consists of breathing exercises and stretching to help your body relax. You can carry out a well-planned workout for your back and overall physical well-being through these video exercises.
  • Manual guide: With this program, you get well-demonstrated videos and a manual guide. This is for when you can’t view the videos. A manual Back to Life program guide comprises the same exercises as the manual, with printed pictures to help you understand and follow them better. Detailed, step-by-step instructions are also provided in the manual guide.
  • Healthy back progress checklist: This checklist will help you track the progress of your back health and understand if this program genuinely works for you. It is not merely a checklist but also a motivating element in the program. Documenting progress on back pain will also ensure you don’t strain your muscles by overdoing any exercise.

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  • It will help you to terminate your back pain forever and provide maximum relief.
  • It will improve your posture by relaxing the parts that cause discomfort and transforming your physique better.
  • It targets the areas that cause frequent back pain and soothes the pain and discomfort.
  • It will reduce the strains and stiffness in your muscles.
  • It relaxes the muscles in your back, allowing it to function optimally.
  • It helps to increase physical productivity and provides you with energy to carry out tasks easily.
  • It delivers you with guaranteed results that are not only safe but also long-lasting.
  • It effectively solves all your back-related problems and improves your overall physical well-being.
  • It also ensures that your mental health and physical well-being are improved.


  • It is not available for purchase in any of the offline stores or supermarkets.
  • It is not a medical treatment but a remedial solution approved by science.
  • It may not specifically treat your back-related condition but provide long-term relief from the pain.

How to Use?

With a solid aim of treating your back pain most effectively and simply, this program is designed to be easy for you.

You can either put on the video to carry out the workout demonstrated in the program, or you can use the manual guide that contains the same components as the video but in a printed format.

You can perform these exercises at any time of the day from the comfort of your home or office. You should perform these exercises in the morning to ensure that the rest of your day goes pain-free and stress-free.


The program is available for purchase only on its official website. This ensures that you are receiving a scam-free, original product. Making a purchase directly from the website allows you to experience the benefits of discounts and bonuses.

The program will be available in digital form. At the same cost, you can purchase the physical products and the eBook format of Back to Life. The cost of this program is mentioned below. 

  • The Back to Life program is available for $37 + a small shipping fee.

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Along with steep discounts on the program, you also get to benefit from the free bonuses you get with the program. They add to the list of pros of Back to Life and provide additional support to your pain and discomfort.

  • #Bonus1: Back2Life Yoga Video
  • #Bonus2: Back2Life Guided Meditation Audio Series.

Money-Back Guarantee

The program comes with a solid satisfaction guarantee. If you find it ineffective, you can take advantage of the 60-day money-back policy. You will get a 100% refund of all your money without any questions asked.

Back to Life Customer Reviews

The Back to Life program has created a contented community of thousands of individuals who have opted for this program. They are the happy, satisfied customers who took a leap of faith in this program and got to experience the benefits of the program.

They come from different parts of the world, proving the benefits of the Back to Life program. Most of these customers had already tried numerous treatments for their back pain, but they didn’t work.

It has effectively proven to be a powerful and effective solution by providing its customers with guaranteed, safe results.

These customers shared their feedback by stating how the program educated them, helped them overcome their concerns about back pain, improved their body posture, provided them with the energy to move, and increased their productivity.

Along with these concerns, the customers were also able to reduce their stiffness, joint pains, and frequent muscle pains. Their experiences have also inspired several other individuals to make a concrete decision to treat their back pain by taking a simple but highly effective step.


Overall, most of the Back to Life reviews are positive and support the credibility of this effective back pain and sciatica relief program.

With several options available to treat your back pain, deciding which is the better solution for you becomes daunting. However, with the Back to Life program, you need not overthink about the results it may deliver.

Exercising and working in a gym can be difficult in the busy work and study life era. But with the help of this program, where all the exercises are only a few minutes and can be performed from anywhere, anytime, you can be assured of making a conscious decision to get rid of your back pain.





Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program safe?

Yes, the program is safe for use. There are no physically straining exercises included in the program. There has been no negative feedback from customers or complaints regarding this program. It is a simple yet effective back pain-relieving program.

Who Should Use the Back to Life?

Back to Life is for everyone. It is a revolutionary program designed to help you eliminate back problems forever. Elders can highly benefit from this program as back problems increase once they start aging.

Individuals above 18 can also incorporate this program into their daily lives to experience relaxation and comfort. If you are someone with a pre-existing medical condition, it is advised that you consult your doctor.

Is any additional equipment required?

No, the program itself is fully sufficient to provide remedial solutions for your back pain. You need not follow a rigorous diet or carry out intense exercises, and no additional workout equipment is required while following the Back to Life program.

When do we get the results?

Within a month of incorporating this program into your routine, you will notice obvious changes in your body. The benefits of this program start showing right from day one of practicing it. It will gradually but effectively work on solving your back problems.