For the next time you find yourself in paradise, below you’ll find a collection of our top ten tucks on Maui; trails and tables with everything to offer. From locally sourced smoothies and hand rolls to volcanic terrain, hairpin turns, and one lane twists through the island’s lush rainforest and cascading waterfalls, none are to be missed. Pack your bags, and take me with you! x


Location: Lahaina, Hawaii
My order: A seemingly hidden gem in the Napili Plaza shopping center, a’a Roots offers savory Buddha bowls, made-to-order juices and smoothies, açaí  bowls, toast with toppings, and fresh salads. I ordered their Low FODMAP friendly Naked Summer Roll Bowl, a vibrant and lush with rice noodles, carrots, red cabbage, cucumber, sprouts, mint, and peanut sauce. 


Location: Lahaina, Hawaii
My order: With two locations in Lahaina – a standalone restaurant and walkup window in Kaanapali’s Whaler Village, Choice Health Bar offers a comprehensive selection of plant based and vegan açaí  bowls, smoothies, bottled juices, prepared meals and desserts, and made-to-order salads and bowls. While everything was tempting, their Chronic Smoothie was top notch and quickly because a nourishing daily staple, made with fresh mint, hazelnuts, banana, coconut meat, Vitamineral greens, hemp protein, macadamia nut milk, and cacao nibs. I’ll be sharing my Low FODMAP rendition of this smoothie soon, but if you find yourself at Choice and are looking to keep your order compliant, order with half the amount of banana. 


Location: Lahaina, Hawaii (with locations around the island)
My order: Your run of the mill grocery store, magic is found in Foodland’s prepared foods section – namely in their poke bowls. Named ‘Hawaii’s Best Poke’ eight years running, Foodland offers an extensive selection of fresh poke options, featuring everything from ahi to tako to shellfish. As casual as could possibly be (really, this is a grocery store), I loved their to-go ‘Hawaiian Style’ poke over steamed brown rice. Tuna with a touch of tamari and fresh seaweed, Foodland’s poke is served mixed with fresh scallions and onion; potentially triggering on a Low FODMAP diet, while Foodland won’t separate them out for you, they’re easy enough to remove yourself. 


Location: Kihei, Hawaii
Distance: 4 miles, about two hours
What To Expect: Part of the Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve, the Hoapili Trail traverses the youngest lava flow on Maui, showcasing ancient cultural sites, great pools for snorkeling and swimming, a pristine bay with stark white coral, and an almost doomsday canvas of lava field. While this trail doesn’t challenge with elevation, the loose lava pathing is difficult to keep footing on and makes temperatures and the sun feel much hotter than they are. Wear a good pair of hiking shoes, pack lots of water, and prepare to have your breath taken away.


Location: Kula, Hawaii
Distance: 11 miles; we hiked 4 miles in 2 hours
What To Expect: While this hike is about 11 miles in its entirety, from the Haleakala Visitor Center to the the crater, because of the level of difficulty, descending 2,800 ft. in the first 4 miles to the valley floor, we chose to hike four miles – two down into the crater, and then two back up. While we would have loved to make it down to the crater, we didn’t feel we missed out. The Sliding Sands Trail is located in Haleakala National Park – there is a 25$ entrance fee, which is valid for 3 days and can be used throughout Haleakala National Park, including on the Pipiwai Trail. Very well pathed, I had no problem hiking in sturdy sandals; pack poles and dress in warm layers, as the hike down is much cooler than the hike back up, and make sure to carry snacks, plenty of water and a good sunscreen. There is no cover. While this hike is extremely demanding and a time commitment, it was one of the most breathtaking landscapes I’ve witnessed and truly an otherworldly experience. Find all your inner strength and make it happen!


Location: Paia, Hawaii
My order: So much more than just a grocery store, this health food mecca is one of my favorite markets in the country. Teeming with holistic remedies, bulk nuts and grains, fresh juices and smoothies, local produce and house made staples, as well as every favorite packaged product, their baked good and prepared food sections can not be missed. If nothing else, be sure to snag one, or three, of their gluten free (and Low FODMAP friendly) chocolate chip cookies and a tofu  hand roll for the road. Stuffed with perfectly sticky rice, ripe avocado, cabbage, and tofu, these simple hand rolls are perfect any time of day- to munch one the nearby beach, have handy for a longer car ride, or just enjoy while perusing Mana’s many (many) isles. Just be sure to pull out the green onion.  


Location: Paia, Hawaii
My order: With locations in both Paia and Lahaina, Paia Fish Market is both casual and elevated – offering fresh caught fish plates, burgers, and tacos in a picnic bench style atmosphere. I order their fish soft tacos a la carte, with fresh corn tortillas and charred mahi mahi and ono. Andrew went with a charbroiled mahi burger and fries and couldn’t have been more thrilled.


Location: Hana, Hawaii
Distance: 3 ½ miles, about 90 minutes
What To Expect: On the Road to Hana in Haleakala National Park (we stopped to hike during our drive), this lush, wonderfully vibrant, and all-level accessible trail, leads through dense bamboo forests to the spectacular Waimoku Falls. Muddy and wet in a couple of areas, I recommend hiking in sturdy sandals. Be sure to pack water and bug spray! 


Location: Hana, Hawaii
Distance: 55 miles, 6 hours
What To Expect: Not so much a hike as a wonderfully scenic drive, the Road To Hana (Hana Highway) twists through the lush rainforest and cascading waterfalls that line Maui’s eastern shore. Dotted with uneven terrain, hairpin turns and one lane twists, scenic overlooks, farm stands, and a number of hikes (including the Pipiwai Trail) Andrew and I started our drive early in the morning and chose the ‘reverse route’ to minimize congestion. Though we didn’t use it ourselves, a number of people recommended the Shaka Guide App. With no cell service on the drive, this app is still able to pinpoint  location and serve as a tour guide for key destinations.


Location: Wailuku, Hawaii
Distance: 4 miles, about 2 hours
What To Expect: Located in the West Maui Forest Reserve, this hike boasts lush scenery, great valley views and dramatic ridge-line hiking. Suitable for all skill levels, Waihe’e Ridge has a well groomed trail, moderate elevation gains by clean switch-backs, and stairs spaced apart by spots of flat terrain. With lots of sun exposure, be sure to pack lots of water and a good sunscreen.

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