With more ingredients ‘off limits’ than not, grocery shopping on a Low FODMAP diet can often feel like a dreadful mix of overwhelming limitation and underwhelming choice. Below you’ll find a collection of everyday products, available at your local market and on the web, that just so happen to be Low FODMAP compliant, and always stocked in my little pantry. Plant based, minimally processed, and overtly delicious, your taste buds, and sighs of relief, won’t know what hit them.


The epitome of snack time convenience, our pantry is always well stocked with pre-packaged and homemade granola and granola bar options. But, with an array of nuts and sweeteners off limits throughout the Low FODMAP elimination phase (honey, agave, almonds and cashews to name a few), finding both nourishing and digestion friendly bites often counteracts any found ease. Here to make your life easier: GoMacro’s peanut butter chocolate chip bars have become a snack staple – made with organic peanut butter, organic sprouted brown rice protein, and organic pea protein -boasting 11g of plant based protein per bar. Square Organics’ also has a number of Low FODMAP friendly protein bars, including their chocolate coated coconut bar and their chocolate coated peanut butter bar.  Not granola, but I’m also particularly partial to Hail Merry’s chocolate chip cookie dough bites – little pops of dark chocolate and coconut that couldn’t pair better with black coffee. A longtime favorite, Purely Elizabeth’s original ancient grain granola is compliant, and is the perfect addition to morning smoothies, coconut yogurt bowls, and sweet potato boats.

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The forever fan of #TacoTuesday, though corn tortillas are still welcomed on the Low FODMAP menu, this mama has always been all about the flour. For those in the same camp, Siete Foods offers a line of grain free and ready made tortillas, available at markets across the country, and on the web – their almond flour tortilla compliant. A five ingredient almond and tapioca flour based tortilla, if you’re following a Low-FODMAP diet note that almond flour and meal contain high amounts of oligosaccharides (the O in FODMAP) if consumed in excess of a quarter cup per meal; limit your tortilla consumption to one per serving to reduce risk of abdominal discomfort. 


My grain free almond coconut bread aside, with bread off limits during the Low FODMAP elimination phase, rice cakes have stepped in as a perfect vehicle for smeared nut butter and for dipping into favorite soups. Organic and minimally processed, we keep our pantry well stocked with Lundberg Farms’ organic brown rice cakes and their organic cinnamon toast rice cakes, if we’re looking for something slightly more indulgent.  


As much as I’d like to take full credit for every bite crafted in my kitchen, baking mixes are that often necessary and perfect hybrid of homemade vibe meets craved eased. A pantry staple, we keep Simple Mills’ line handy, from their almond flour based pancake & waffle mix (Poe’s morning crutch), to their pumpkin muffin & bread mix (a worthy alternative to my grain free pumpkin bread). As noted, almond flour and meal contain high amounts of oligosaccharides (the O in FODMAP) if consumed in excess of a quarter cup per meal; limit your pancake and bread consumption accordingly to reduce risk of abdominal discomfort. 


With my beloved almond butter off limits throughout the Low FODMAP elimination phase, I’ve been stocking my pantry with high quality peanut and seed butters instead, to stir into smoothies, top porridge bowls, and smear on rice cake sandwiches. I’ve been particularly partial to 88 Acres organic vanilla spice sunflower seed butter as well as Wild Friends’ entire line of peanut butters. Have you tried their pumpkin spice peanut butter!?

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