Though neither of us were keen on admitting it, proudly toting our ‘busyness’ like badges of honor, Andrew and I have been overworking. Both balancing the tail ends of a tumultuous move with full time work schedules and our Poe- too many sips of coffee animating our dispositions and too many hours drained at our desks instead of moving and thriving- the fade has been gradual, but impactful. Now finally settled into our new home, this past weekend we hopped out of the city to unwind and rebuild our foundations, welcoming a twenty-four respite with Getaway House.

A collection of minimal tiny homes neighboring Shenandoah National Park, Getaway House is the remote, yet accessible love child of camp meets glamp, offering an intimation of camping, with overtone of coziness and amenity. Each house equipped with stovetop and fridge, wool blankets and large shower, tableware and healthful concession, seasoned hikers and campers, Andrew and I were most drawn to Getaway’s ease. Quenching our outdoor pull without having to tote gear and energy, Getaway transported us into autumn, to recharge simply and without distraction. 

Much like our summer hike across Tour Du Mont Blanc, Andrew and I used this little opportunity as our refresh button, reconnecting with ourselves and with each other, as a family with Poe. Throwing ourselves out of our day-to-day routines and even our weekend hubbub, in the damp yet invigorating November air, we found humble magic in all piling into the queen sized bed (in our thickest socks and fleece-iest and flannel-iest jammies), in all collecting favorite leaves and chasing falling foliage, in lighting our own fire and all charring our s’mores. A firm believer that food always tastes better outside, particularly after a long hike, immersed in nature, we packed our enamel percolator, my grandmother’s cast iron pot, and some nonperishables for morning porridge. Simmering coffee and pumpkin pie porridge over the flame, my favorite moments were found in gathering around our personal fire pit, wholly nourishing our bodies and spirits. Together. 

Emphasizing the ‘take home’ as much as the experience, Getaway bid us farewell with a little note: Before you head back to your daily grind we’d like to offer a few tips and tricks on how to refresh and recharge in your usual environment. Always be chipping away at a great novel. Put plants on your desk; looking at green things has been known to improve your memory. Doing this slowly makes you better and faster at doing them. Snack like a squirrel: eat berries, nuts and seeds between meals. Introduce yourself and get you know your neighbors- it’s better than a security system [..]’ Tidbits of wealth to help us ‘survive in the real world,’ transporting that heir of intention and rejuvenation into our daily existence, New York, Boston, and DC friends, would you give Getaway a go?

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