Twenty-eight days ago I entered the world of yoga. Although I’d dallied in the movement before, my practice had always been for the purpose of sweating, of burning those calories, of ‘workin’ it’. Twenty-eight days ago I set my intentions on yoga, but more specifically on a  4x/week guided focus of the beauty, positivity, and inspiration found within myself and in every moment; to acknowledge my imperfections, stresses, and my strengths, then channel that energy into my practice. The goal was twenty-eight days. With an overwhelming amount of pride, I cockily share.. I DID IT! My arms are bruised, my abs are sore, my mind is clear(er). Cheers to twenty-eight more.

How many of us enter into these contracts with ourselves- these mini resolutions, goals, intentions- and actually come out on the other side with a success? Sometimes they’re just too big, or unspecific, unrealistic. Sometimes we never really had it in us to give them a go in the first place, we weren’t ready. Before stepping out your front door I challenge you to reflect on what is appropriate and feasible for you- can you give up refined sugar (cold turkey)? Can you run 70 miles/week? Instead of jumping to that big kahuna, allow yourself the gradualness of incrementally building. Celebrate each victory, each run (however long), each piece of fruit (instead of that cupcake), each attended yoga class. By acknowledging your efforts and successes, however minute or grand, life and our attitudes about it suddenly take on this monumentally positive spin.

My Yoga ‘Must-Haves’
01/ fresh, seasonal, and hydrating fruit 02/ gouter detox2 tonic 03/ tranquil space yoga studio 04/ vibrant yoga pants 05/ nutrient dense raw nut and dried fruit trail-mix 06/ bkr glass water bottle