There’s a widespread attitude that the things we put on our bodies don’t affect our health as much as what we put inside of our bodies. But you’d better believe that beauty products and cosmetics penetrate your skin and get inside your body, too. When you apply a cream and it disappears into your skin, that’s exactly what it’s doing-going into your skin and traveling straight to your bloodstream -Adina Grigore, founder of S.W. Basics



A glass of summer sunshine, this hydrating, light, and bright green mango smoothie is the perfect breakfast addition, or afternoon pick-me-up snack. Refreshing in all the right ways, feel free to add a small knob of ginger for an extra flavor kick.



Last night I was given the opportunity to host an intimate dinner gathering at Washington, DC’s Barcelona Wine Bar – opening the table to just as many new faces as old friends in celebration of a seasonally inspired, plant based, and vegan menu. With a dozen of us snug around a family style table, the objective was to take ‘the conversation’ off the internet (off Instagram, off In My Bowl), coming together as a community impassioned by conscious living, sharing a meal and basking in togetherness.

Wanderlust Inspired Aloha Sunshine Popsicles


Wanderlust Raw Vanilla Lucuma Lime ‘Cheesecake’


Alexandra Dawson, Tallulah Alexandra // inmybowl.com


Alexandra Dawson is a Washington, DC based wellness warrior with a BA in Neuropsychology, concentrating in Eating Disorders & Obesity. She is currently a post baccalaureate nutrition and dietetics student.

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Goddess Vibes Spoon

Banana Avocado 'Ice Cream', raw + vegan // inmybowl.com